This week was supposed to be about Charlie Hustle. Instead, it’s about Dutch.

Pete Rose was slated to be honored at the Phillies annual Alumni Weekend, set for this coming week against the Mets. Friday night the Phillies were going to give out a Rose bobblehead, while Saturday, Rose was scheduled to be inducted into the team’s Wall of Fame with a big celebration before the game, culminating in Alumni Day festivities on Sunday afternoon.

Last week the Phillies announced Rose will not participate in any of this week’s events in the wake of accusations he committed statutory rape of a minor while he was a player for the Cincinnati Reds.

And so instead, the team announced the celebratory nature of Alumni Weekend was going to become about all the members of the Phillies Wall of Fame. No bobbleheads, no unveiling, but still a happy weekend looking back on some of the great teams of yesteryear.

Until yesterday.

When news broke of Darren Daulton’s passing after a four-year fight with brain cancer, the outpouring of emotions from the city and the Phillies alumni was massive. Daulton was the unquestioned leader of the 1993 Phillies World Series team, and was one of the most beloved athletes in Philly for nearly 15 years — through the good seasons and the more-often bad ones too.

The Phillies released statements from many of Daulton’s former coaches, managers and teammates Monday and every single one talked about his leadership, his toughness and his kindness. Every quote talked about how much he meant to them, both as a ballplayer and as a friend. John Kruk, of all Dutch’s former teammates, might have said it best:

“The first time I saw Darren Daulton we are playing against each other in Triple A and I thought he was just another ordinary player.  When I was traded to the Phillies I realized that he was so much more than that. The culture of the Phillies at that time had to change and Darren led the charge for us becoming a championship caliber team, and while doing so he not only became a leader and a friend we became brothers. I will always be grateful for him putting us on his back and carrying us to the World Series. He taught us so much along the way that I will always be indebted to him for that. I love you brother!”

We reached out to the Phillies to see if there are any specific plans in the works to honor Daulton, but at the time of publication we haven’t heard back. Still, it stands to reason the weekend has gone from being about Rose to being about Dutch. And for most Phillies fans — bobblehead or not — that feels right.

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Each month we rank the home games in order of which are the best to go to and which should be avoided completely. This month, given Alumni Weekend is up first, we’ll run the list chronologically, with some snarky notes under each game.

Thu, Aug 10, vs. Mets, 7:05 PM

Phillies #CollegeSeries – Sport Management Night

This is a great series for college students or recent graduates. The team provides access to front office personnel and players who talk about their experiences in the business of baseball. There’s also a networking hour where those in attendance are invited to bring their resumes. It’s $30 but comes with a ticket and $12 in vouchers for food and drinks.

Fri, Aug 11, vs. Mets, 7:05 PM

#TBT Emoji T-Shirt Games

Credit: Phillies

This was supposed to be Pete Rose Bobblehead night. Instead you can get a #TBT shirt with Tug McGraw, Juan Samuel, the Phanatic, Darren Daulton and Pat Burrell. For $30 you get a ticket a shirt and $12 in concessions. 

Sat, Aug 12, vs. Mets, 7:05 PM

Toyota Alumni Wall of Fame Night

This is going to be a can’t-miss night. #TBT shirts will also be available Saturday and Sunday if you buy those tickets in advance.

Sun, Aug 13, vs. Mets, 1:35 PM

Toyota Phillies Alumni Day

Every year the Phillies do a great job of bringing back some of the most beloved players in franchise history. It helps that so many of them come back to work for the team, or work in local media, or stick around the Philly area after they retire. This year, Alumni Day will take on a sad but special meaning. The Phillies have always been fantastic with their tributes — the shame is how often they’ve had to do it — so Saturday and Sunday will surely be emotional days.

Kruk and Dutch Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Tue, Aug 22, vs. Marlins, 4:05 PM, TBD

Single-Admission Doubleheader, Pride Night, Texting Gloves

Credit: Phillies

The only thing better (worse) than watching one game between the Phillies and Marlins is watching two!

And yet, it’s Phillies Pride Night, where the team will celebrate “Philadelphia’s rich LGBT culture” throughout the game. It’s just the second year the team is hosting a Pride night, and this year the first 1,500 fans who get tickets through their PRIDE promotion get snazzy rainbow Phillies socks.

When the Philadelphia Union hosted their Pride night, they used Philly’s new flag, which features both a black and brown stripe. By the looks of the socks, the Phillies may be going with the older rainbow flag colors.

It’s also texting gloves night for all fans 15 and over. Prepare to have your gloves immediately stolen by a tween. (This really should be 10 and over, Phillies.)

Wed, Aug 23, vs. Marlins, 7:05 PM

Stitch n’ Pitch Night

Credit: Phillies

If we were ranking games, this would be the top one. Fun fact: When I was a kid, my mom taught at a local knitting store. It was called the Yarn Box. It was very ‘80s.

The Phillies in conjunction with the National NeedleArts Association, are inviting needlearts enthusiasts to the 12th annual Stitch n’ Pitch night at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday, August 23 the Phillies host the Miami Marlins at 7:05 p.m. Whether it’s finishing an old project or starting a new one, fans are invited to knit, crochet, embroider, cross-stitch and needlepoint all while enjoying Phillies baseball.

The first 1,000 people to buy tickets using STITCH get that hat. Or my mom can teach you how to make one if you ask nicely.

Thu, Aug 24, vs. Marlins, 1:05 PM

Citizens Bank Pride of the Phillies Print

This is always a good annual giveaway. I’d love to see someone’s house who has all of these hung up and framed. If you are one of those diehard fans, @ me and let me know and we’ll feature your house on the site.

Fri, Aug 25, vs. Cubs, 7:05 PM

Goya Latino Family Celebration

Credit: Phillies

Because nothing says Latino pride like wearing a scarf with giant Goya logos all over it. Also, isn’t it a bit demeaning when professional sports teams have Latino night and put La or Los or El in front of their team name and expect people to think that’s representative of the Latino culture?

The Miami Heat wear “El Heat” jerseys every year, but putting Los in front of Phillies seems silly because the team’s nickname is the word Phillies. Philadelphia Phillies. It’s not Philadelphia The Phillies.

Anyway, here’s a scarf. Just type in the word…omigod…SALSA to get the scarf and a discounted ticket. It’s only available to 500 fans. Sorry, 500 los fans.

Sat, Aug 26, vs. Cubs, 7:05 PM

Phillies All-Star Ladies Night Tent Party featuring Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella

Credit: Phillies

For $75 you can go to Ladies Night with a ticket to the game and access to the pregame party in a tent on Darien Street with a ton of other stuff, including:

• Meet and Greet/Q&A session with the New York Times bestselling authors and Philadelphia Inquirer columnists, Lisa Scottoline and her daughter, Francesca Serritella

• Two (2) Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella bestselling books: “I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere but the Pool” and “I’ve Got Sand in All the Wrong Places”

• A gift bag filled with free swag!

It’s not free swag if you’re paying $75 for access to it, btw.

Credit: Phillies

Sun, Aug 27, vs. Cubs, 1:35 PM

ShopRite Back-to-School Alarm Clock

Kids 14 and under get this awesome Phanatic alarm clock to celebrate having to wake up early to go back to school. No word if teaching our kids to tell time without a digital clock is part of the ticket price.

Mon, Aug 28, vs. Braves, 7:05 PM

Fellowship Night

The Phillies are inviting “people of all faiths” to the game against the Braves to enjoy a discount of $8 by using the word FAITH.

Tue, Aug 29, vs. Braves, 7:05 PM

Phillies Phitness Night, Bark at the Park

For $8 off you can go to Phillies Phitness Night by using the code PHIT. Please don’t be one letter off on that code, as I don’t know what the discount would be for that. And because nothing says fitness — sorry, PHITNESS — like running away from something trying to gnaw at your leg; it’s also Bark at the Park Night!

For $50 you can bring your pooch and sit in the 300 level. Some proceeds go to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. You have to buy those tickets in advance, as it’s limited to just 350 dogs.

Credit: Phillies

Wed, Aug 30, vs. Braves, 1:05 PM

Citizens Bank Business Persons Special

It’s afternoon baseball. The Phillies are giving away nothing, other than the enjoyment of spending hump day out of the office.