Buy this t-shirt to show your Eagles love and help Puerto Rico

Go Birds

Maria Beddia

Two and a half weeks after Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, the island is still struggling. Fewer than 11 percent of power customers have service, and just under half have running water.

Philly artist Maria Beddia wanted to help. After racking her brain on how to get fellow Philadelphians to open their hearts (and wallets), she hit on a solid plan. Summed up, it equates to this: Go Eagles!

Playing off the logo for her husband’s hit Queen Village restaurant, Hungry Pigeon, Beddia drew a new design that pays homage to the (now Super Bowl contender) home team, and made plans to sell shirts with a portion of the proceeds donated to’s Puerto Rico cleanup efforts.

She researched a bunch of online textile printing companies, found one that offers really great quality, and listed the “Go Birds” image for sale as a heather gray or white t-shirt ($28, in men’s or women’s styles) and a heather-gray sweatshirt ($44). More than 50 have already been sold.

There’s one caveat to the cool fundraiser: The way this online printing company works, there’s only a two-week window for ordering. So if you want to snag one, you have until 8 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 19, to place your order.