Ranking every Eagles celebration this season

Baseball, bowling, the Electric Slide and lots of Tim Jernigan.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles have had a lot of chances to celebrate this season. And, gosh, have they taken advantage of those opportunities. It’s gotten a little ridiculous how much fun the Eagles are having, with more and more exotic celebrations by the week.

So we decided to rank them. But rather than rank them from 10 to 1 — how can you compare a walk-off win and a blowout where the defense is doing the Electric Slide — we’ve picked the best of a bunch of categories. Let’s get to the dancing!

Best pregame celebration

Fletcher Cox and Jalen Mills had a fun little dance before the thriller over Chicago.

Best old white guy celebration

That’s longtime Eagle Brent Celek excited about the Eagles going streaking over the last eight weeks.

Best ‘we’re all just kids out there’ celebration

Someone get this Mack Hollins kid a real backpack.

Best pick-six shimmy

Jalen Mills had an interception returned for a score and still had the energy to shake with Rodney McLeod.

Best DL dancer

This is between four guys on the defensive line. First, there’s Chris Long. (Hint: He’s got no shot.)

Then there’s Vinny Curry. (He won’t win either.)

Fletcher Cox is back with a solo jam.

He loves that dance.

And air guitar.

But on the DL, Fletch is the runner up. Tim Jernigan is the best dancer in the NFL. Don’t at me.

Best sharing

Which is better, Kenjon Barner sharing with the entire offense:

Or Nelson Agholor giving Jason Kelce the monster spike:

Best family photo

The Birds offense took a group photo after a Zach Ertz touchdown last week. Usually Ertz is big on the “what’s my name” celebration.

I call it the “Ertz, don’t it.”

Best Thomas the Tank Engine impersonation

All aboard the #JayTrain, where there’s never confusion and delay.

Best trust fall

Or maybe worst trust fall.

Best ‘No this isn’t a cut scene from Madden’ celebration

Best BDawk impersonation

Best Kill the man who just got the ball celebration

Best sports celebration: basketball edition

The Eagles have made headlines for their sports celebrations. While the other sports have gotten more notoriety, here’s two low-key hoops ones, including a little Eurostep action from the running backs:

Here’s a handshake and a killer crossover from the defensive backs.

Best sports celebration: baseball edition

This is what started it all for the Eagles upping their celebration game. The Torrey Smith home run got the Birds going.

Then Mack Hollins got a chance at the plate.

Then Alshon Jeffery got a little too close to the dish and Ertz hit him. Clear the benches!

Best sports celebration: bowling edition

Alshon Jeffery knocked ‘em all down with this one.

Best ‘three drinks in at a wedding’ dance

It’s electric.

Boogie woogie woogie.

Best last-second field goal celebration

Carrying Jake Elliott off the field was pretty cool, but this celebration just before it is great too.

Still, not as great as the kid’s parents in the stands.

Best fan reaction that isn’t a player’s parents in the stands

What, were you expecting people spelling?

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