The Eagles won, but Carson Wentz is hurt and everything stinks

Multiple reports state doctors fear Wentz tore his ACL.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams
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Nick Foles completed a pass to Nelson Agholor with just under two minutes to play and the Eagles came back in a barnburner game to beat the Los Angeles Rams 43-35 Sunday. The final play of the game resulted in a fumble that the Eagles grabbed to score a touchdown to buffer their point total, but the game was won when Chris Long forced a fumble with the Rams up by one point, giving the Eagles the ball back in Rams territory. The Birds kicked the field goal that proved to be the eventual game-winner.

The Eagles improved to 11-2 on the season, clinched the NFC East and with Minnesota’s loss earlier Sunday, they’re the No. 1 seed in the NFC with three very winnable games left to play

And everyone in Philly wants to die.

Before the fumble and the field goal and the big third-down pass to Agholor and the final touchdown by the defense, Carson Wentz got hurt. Very hurt.

Wentz was ruled out for the game shortly after taking a hit on a touchdown run that was called back due to a penalty.

He stayed in the game for the remainder of that drive, visibly limping with his face flushed as he threw this pass, breaking the team’s single-season record for touchdown passes in a season. It was his fourth touchdown pass of the game.

It might have been his last this season.

Nothing has been reported officially by the team yet, but the concern is that Wentz may have torn a ligament in his knee. Adam Schefter, one of the most trusted sources in the NFL, reported during the game there’s concern from the Eagles that Wentz might have a torn ACL.

Then there’s this:

Which led to this reply from the orthapedist for the University of Florida athletic department, who was following the situation on Twitter:

So as far as Twitter doctors go, Wentz has died and we all now live in a world where Nick Foles is our new dad.

Shortly after the game, Schefter’s report was echoed by the AP:

Doug Pederson would not comment on the severity of the injury after the game, saying Wentz will have an MRI Monday. Pederson did say he didn’t change anything when Foles came in, but one would have to imagine the projection for this team, this offense the the Super Bowl aspirations will drastically change with Foles under center headed into the playoffs than with Wentz, who was having as good a season as any Eagles quarterback ever. Wentz is having such a good season he could still win MVP even if he misses the last three games. Which it sounds like he will.

The Eagles are NFC East champs, they still have a great chance at home field advantage and yet the sky is falling. We’re living in a Nick Foles world now.

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