Lane Johnson’s new Eagles underdog t-shirts benefit Philly schools

‘Home dogs gonna eat.’

Chris Long in his mask after the Eagles became NFC Divisional Champs

Chris Long in his mask after the Eagles became NFC Divisional Champs

Brad Penner / USA TODAY Sports

The hottest item in Philly right now is not tickets to the Eagles NFC Championship Game. It’s dog masks. Really: Local costume shops are “scrambling to stock up” on them, according to TMZ.

But there’s also a new dog mask t-shirt you can buy — and it helps Philly schools.

The dog mask craze is thanks to the Eagles’ Lane Johnson and Chris Long, who donned German Shepherd heads after last weekend’s win over the Atlanta Falcons. The offensive tackle and defensive end were poking fun at the disrespect of being pegged the “underdogs” by all sports pundits (read: here too) and the official Vegas betting line.

Being expected to lose was a historic insult to the No. 1 seed in the NFC, especially with home field advantage. It’s repeating itself this coming Sunday, when the Eagles play the Minnesota Vikings. The odds have them at -3.5.

This time around, Johnson is capitalizing on the surge of support from local fans to raise money for Philly schools.

A new t-shirt released on his LJ65 clothing line features a photo of him and Long with the text “Home Dogs Gonna Eat.”

All proceeds from the sale of the $18 shirt, available online or in person at Chickie’s & Pete’s this Thursday night, go directly to the Fund for the School District of Philadelphia.

Johnson’s support for local education isn’t new. Last November, he announced he was donating 100 percent of proceeds from the entire clothing line to the nonprofit, which cultivates philanthropic partnerships to support the school district.

If you buy a shirt, you could ostensibly wear it to the Linc on Sunday. Unlike the single-digit temps that turned the crowd blue last weekend, this time around temps are forecast to be in the 50s.

And don’t forget your dog mask. You’ll have to take them off to go through security, but they are now officially allowed.

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