Young South Philly sisters write sizzling new Eagles fight song

Fourth grader Aicha Brown (aka “Cutie B”) is a writer and a rapper.

Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 11.06.22 AM
Aicha Brown

Talented sisters Aicha and Yasmin Brown are both students at Philadelphia Performing Arts charter school. Of course, they’re also both huge Eagles fans.

In advance of a Super Bowl pep rally at their school last week, Aicha, who’s in fourth grade, wrote a totally original song to support the home team. Her older sister Yasmin edited it for her.

Under the stage name “Cutie B,” 9-year-old Aicha performed the song, and her father created a killer music video.

The vid is complete with footage of the Philadelphia skyline, tailgating at the Linc, the Art Museum steps and lots of other iconic city scenes. The entire class at Aicha’s South Philly school, one of three String Theory Charter PPA campuses, got a chance to cheer for the camera, and former Eagle Thomas Tapeh also makes a cameo.

Check out “We’re the Eagles” and read the new lyrics below. Leave it to the kids to find a whole new way to say “Go Eagles!”

We’re the Eagles

by Cutie B

We ran right thru you
Without hesitation
We went up in you
With no reservation

From go we had your mind
The you ran out of time
Our pressure and aggression
Conquered you then stole your shine

I see your fear when confronted with the best
We caused that frantic beating in your chest
In your own house, get treated like a guest
We’re number one, forget about the rest!

We put our work in
Devotion in our sweat
We’re the Eagles! Eagles! Eagles! Eagles!
Dominate your set

We get the job done
Got y’all in check
We’re the Eagles! Eagles! Eagles! Eagles!
Taking our respect!

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