Super Bowl Opening Night got weird: Dog masks, tacos and boos for the Eagles

Breaking news from Minneapolis: Doug Pederson wears dad jeans.

NFL: Super Bowl LII Opening Night
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It’s officially Super Bowl week, folks. Monday brought the kickoff event, which used to be called Super Bowl Media Day but now holds the grand title of Super Bowl Opening Night.

The orchestrated spectacle served to introduce the contending teams to the fans on site, and to give the thousands of media people who won’t otherwise get a chance to talk to Tom Brady the opportunity to ask who his favorite Game of Thrones character is. (Who is it? He doesn’t know anything about pop culture. Oh.)

From players being quizzed on what Kanye and Kim named their baby to a dog interviewing a shark interviewing an Eagle, the evening in Minneapolis got weird.

Here’s some of what went down.

A night for the dogs

That’s Cowboys legend and NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin in a suit that may have been made from dog fur. Here’s a closer look.

NFL Network

Bill Belichick smiles

The Patriots had their media session first. Bill Belichick smiled. The NFL Network counted them. He almost got to 10.

This one did not make him smile:

Tonya Harding got an award-winning movie made about her this year. Nancy Kerrigan got a front row spot to talk to Bill Belichick. Neither of them seem too happy about it.

The most impressive thing you’ll see all day

The least impressive thing you’ll see all day

The second least impressive thing you’ll see all day

Austrian football: A thing

Doug Pederson wears dad jeans

We used to call Charlie Manuel Uncle Cholly. Does that make Doug Pederson Daddy Doug? Okay that sounds a little creepy nevermind.

Pederson was also asked if he was a tree what kind of tree would he be and without hesitation he said, “a Douglas fir.”

‘You know nothing, Tom Brady.’

This is a great answer to a bad question

Vikings fans booed the Eagles

Stay classy, Vikings fans.

Foles in the spotlight

Nick Foles did a sit down interview with Tom Brady, Malcolm Jenkins and Devin McCourty between team sessions, then had the full spotlight of media day on him as the Eagles’ starting quarterback. He is handling this nicely.

As for Carson Wentz…

Fletcher Cox still out there lying

Fletcher Cox is still letting the lie that he’s never watched the Super Bowl run wild even though that has been thoroughly debunked. He seemed to be having fun Monday night.

But when Cox was asked what movie makes him cry, he denies that he cries. Lies!

America’s most athletic family loves tacos

Speaking of food

This is a thing, I guess.

Swoop got a date

Smoking and drinking

Imagine getting paid money to go to Super Bowl media day just to say stupid things to people in hopes they don’t laugh, because the awkwardness of you not getting a laugh will make the studio audience and those watching at home laugh even more.

And while we’re on the topic of vices, Lane Johnson was asked about his promise to buy the city of Philadelphia beer if the Eagles win the Super Bowl. His response (while wearing a ridiculous hat and Jay Ajayi’s sunglasses): I ain’t scared.

Chris Long’s tattoo bet

Talk about being scared…

For reference, the face of the coach Long will have to get tattooed on his arm if the Eagles win looks like this.

Favorite tweet of the night, Vol. 1

I’m putting one of my tweets on this list because when you can make a not-so-subtle dig at the Patriots during an NFL Network cut to commercial you just have to do it.

Favorite tweet of the night, Vol. 2

There were a lot of very good tweets during media day. This is one of the best.

Favorite tweet of the night, Vol. 3

Andrew Perloff, one of Dan Patrick’s radio producers, summed up the night perfectly with this tweet.

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