Stormy Daniels is performing at Philly’s Club Risque in November

The adult film star — in the news for her alleged affair with President Donald Trump — has booked three nights in town.

Stormy Daniels in 2009

Stormy Daniels in 2009

Wikimedia Commons

There is pretty much no chance we can anticipate what twists and turns the news will take over the next seven months, but one thing is certain:

This November, Stormy Daniels will be performing in Philadelphia.

Yes, the woman born Stephanie Gregory Clifford — whose allegations of an affair with President Donald Trump have the White House on the defensive, whose interview on 60 Minutes garnered the show’s highest ratings in a decade, whose cheery Twitter replies to those calling her a “whore” rake in thousands of retweets — will be strutting her sisterly self for the City of Brotherly Love this fall.

Club Risque is the local outfit that successfully executed the Stormy snag, booking the adult film star for three nights, one at each of its area locations.

Even though she’s in high demand right now, it wasn’t all that tough to score the big name, a Risque marketing manager told Billy Penn, because the club has such a good reputation.

“We typically book A-list talent,” said the marketing manager, who declined to provide a name but was willing to discuss the topic when reached by phone at the club’s offices. “We usually work with one particular agent — and [Daniels] happens to work with that agent.”

Adult film stars are featured at Risque approximately once a month, the manager estimated, and the show includes more than just a stage dance.

“The best part,” said the manager, “is after they perform, they do a meet and greet — so people get the opportunity to meet them one on one. For someone you see all the time remotely, that’ sa really cool thing.”

The schedule for Stormy in Philly will be as follows:

  • Nov. 8: 10 p.m. in Northeast Philly
  • Nov. 9: 10 p.m. and 12 midnight on Columbus Boulevard
  • Nov. 10: 10 p.m. and 12 midnight in Bristol

No advance tickets will be sold. The events are all first come, first served, with a cover charge paid at the door, which could range anywhere from $15 to $35, per the Risque manager. Once inside, there’s a cash bar, a wide selection of cigars for sale, and also food — “if people are interested in things like that.” Here is the Facebook page for the event.

So yeah. Even if there’s no big presidential-related news between now and then (which, who knows?), the Stormy Daniels name is likely to draw huge crowds. But it won’t necessarily be all men.

“We get a lot of groups of friends, and couples, especially nowadays,” said the Risque employee. “It’s really a great environment for everyone. It’s really not all [single] guys.”

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