Adult water ice at Triangle Tavern on East Passyunk, which offers it by the pitcher

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Frozen cocktails are available all over the city. And on a warm day, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with slurping down a pyramid of trendy frosé.

But if you want a real Philly summer treat, seek out the real deal.

Boozy takes on water ice aren’t everywhere, but they do exist — and they’re a perfect twist on the classic slush that leaves satisfied stains on your grin. It’s a childhood indulgence turned up a notch.

Here’s the skinny on where to get tipsy and spiral into a sugar rush in the most Philadelphia way possible.

Triangle Tavern

1338 S. 10th St.

Adult water ice in glasses? Nice. Adult water ice in pitchers? Say no more. The offerings at this revived East Passyunk mussel house with a throwback vibe come in flavors like lemon, coconut, mango and hibiscus, plus limited edition or seasonal options. There’s a non-alcoholic option also, if you’re so inclined.

The Saloon Restaurant

750 S. 7th St.

What do you get when you take an old-school South Philly martini bar and cross it with an old-school water ice vendor down the block? A straight-up mixology love story. Called the Iceberg Martini, the drink is a blend of Absolut Citron, limoncello and lemon slush from John’s Water Ice, yours for $12 a glass.

Pentridge Station Beer Garden

5110-5120 Pentridge St. 

This family-friendly, dog-friendly pop-up beer garden tucked into the streets of West Philadelphia now offers even more reasons to hit up the Thursday through Sunday hours. For $7, you can cop a Raspberry Lemon Freeze (Jim Beam, raspberries, lemon water ice, seltzer), a Mint Lemon Freeze (Titos, mint, lemon water ice, seltzer) or a Cuba Libre Freeze (rum, coke, lemon water ice).

Saint Lazarus Bar

102 W. Girard Ave.

This little dance club beneath the El in Fishtown is known for its fierce booze and fierce tunes — the weekly Tuesday Night Hang Out parties are always packed — and the bartenders’ take on adult water ice stays in the crazy lane. Did you really need gummies and poprocks in your drink? Who will this polychromatic water ice punch give worse nightmares, you or your dentist?

Art in the Age

116 N. 3rd St.

You can only get “Boozy Wonder Ice” for a limited time at this Old City tasting room and home bar supply shop. On Aug. 11-12 and  Sept. 1-2, you can put your pinky up while sipping on the luxuriant flavors of a Strawberry Hibiscus Boulevardier, White Piña Colada or Berry Patch Lemon Drop. Prices range from $10 to $14 per brain freeze.

Private vendors

Multiple locations 

This isn’t an official endorsement, but it needs to be noted that there are quite a few people out there selling boozy water ice on the DL. Where to find these artisans of confections meant to get you plastered? Instagram. Peruse the hashtag #adultwaterice (or its variations), and you’re bound to bump into one of these backyard businesses. For example, user @hpm___ sells literal tubs of the soused stuff.