Another Eagles mural? Chris Long wants one of Beau Allen

The Eagles defensive end has offered to pay to get it done.

Beau Allen at the Eagles Super Bowl victory parade, with Fletcher Cox and Chris Long

Beau Allen at the Eagles Super Bowl victory parade, with Fletcher Cox and Chris Long

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Update Sept. 5: There’s now a Kickstarter to make this happen.

Will Beau Allen‘s long, golden locks soon be plastered onto the side of a building in Philadelphia?

If Chris Long gets his way, then yes.

Long, an Eagles defensive end, is known for his charitable contributions (like that time he donated his entire 2017 salary to charity). Apparently he’s looking for a new recipient of his money, and this time, he’s delving into the public art sector.

Long tweeted on Sunday afternoon that he wants to pay someone to paint a mural of Allen somewhere in the city of Philadelphia.

Why, you ask? At this point, we can only wonder. Allen used to be the Birds’ defensive tackle, but he doesn’t even play for the Eagles anymore — he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in March.

We asked Long the motivation behind the mural, and he hasn’t yet gotten back to us.

But it seems like he’s serious. He’s already interacted with a few people who are offering their services — one person who’s willing to paint the mural, and another who volunteered to have it painted right on the side of their house. Anything for the Super Bowl champs.

Oh yeah, and Long offered to pay these people via Venmo. The stars are just like us, people.

And Allen seems, well, OK with it.

If Long actually gets it done, it wouldn’t be the first Eagles mural planned for the city — or elsewhere. There’s the one well-known muralist Meg Saligman is planning, of the eagle gripping the Lombardi trophy, which is based on her temporary ‘eagle-gripping-Tom-Brady’ mural in Bella Vista. It’s set to be completed this summer.

And then there’s another Birds mural — ok, billboard, but it’s probably going to end up as a painting due to NFL licensing restrictions — planned for…New England. Tom Brady’s Super Bowl fumble will be posted somewhere prominent in Patriots country, thanks to a bet between an Eagles fan and a Pats fan.

And if Chris Long has any say in the matter, Beau Allen is next up.



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