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Updated 6:25 a.m., Nov. 7

Many civic warriors trekked out on a rain-riven Nov. 6 to cast 2018 midterm ballots. Pundits were predicting a record-high turnout at the polls — and they appear to be right. Around 51 percent of registered voters showed up, said City Commissioner Al Schmidt on Twitter Tuesday night, a gigantic leap since the last gubernatorial election. In 2014, only 37 percent of Philly voters went to the polls.

Philly Mayor Jim Kenney called the election historic, and said it gave him hope.

“I am extremely proud of Philadelphians,” Kenney said in a statement Tuesday night. “Today, we joined our fellow citizens from across the nation in turning out at the polls in greater numbers than any midterm election in recent history. We’ve made our collective voices heard, and I feel more hopeful tonight for the future of our country than I’ve been in some time.

Hopefully, you didn’t encounter any broken polling machines in your neighborhood, and feel the same.

If some of the races or candidates don’t ring a bell? Return to our election guide for a quick primer.  Other questions? Ask us on Twitter or shoot us an email.

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? Pa. Governor/Lt. Governor

In one of the most watched races of the evening, will voters send Tom Wolf to the governor’s mansion for a second term? The race will have sweeping implications for everything from public school funding to the future or organized labor.

Within a few minutes of the polls closing, Wolf was named winner by ABC and other outlets.

99.32% of districts reporting

Tom Wolf/John Fetterman (D): 57.7%
Scott Wagner/Jeff Bartos (R): 40.8%
Ken Krawchuck/Kathleen Smith (L): 0.55%
Paul Glover/Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick (G): 0.98%

? U.S. Senate

This race determines whether Pennsylvanians want to send incumbent Democrat Bob Casey will be sent back to the capitol to represent the state for a third term — or replace him with a Trump-backed Republican challenger in Lou Barletta.

Within a few minutes of polls closing, multiple outlets including NBC and ABC, called the race for Casey.

99.32% of districts reporting

Bob Casey (D):55.6%
Lou Barletta (R): 42.8%

? U.S. House District 2

U.S. Rep. Brandon Boyle is seeking another term in the newly redrawn PA-2 district, which now encompasses all of Northeast Philly, the River Wards, and North Philly east of Broad Street.

Politico called the race around 9 p.m.

97.75% of districts reporting

Brendan Boyle (D): 78.8%
David Torres (R): 21.2%

? U.S. House District 3

Rookie U.S. Rep. Dwight Evans is seeking another term against GOP hopeful Bryan Leib in the newly redrawn PA-3 district, which covers Northwest Philly, West Philly, Center City and half of South Philly.

Politico called the race around 9 p.m.

97.53% of districts reporting

Dwight Evans (D): 93.3%
Bryan Leib (R): 6.6%

? U.S. House District 5

The 5th District now includes all of Delaware County and parts South and Southwest Philly. There is no incumbent.

Politico called the race around 9:45 p.m.

96.18% of districts reporting

Mary Gay Scanlon (D): 80.3%
Pearl Kim (R): 19.7%

? Pa. Senate 4

Art Haywood is the only Pennsylvania state senator in Philadelphia facing a challenger this election season. His district includes the tip of North Philadelphia and five townships and boroughs in Montgomery County.

97.04% of districts reporting

Art Haywood (D): 97.1%
Ron Holt (R): 2.9%

? Pa. House 152

Democrats lost an opportunity to reclaim this urban-suburban district from incumbent GOP Rep. Tom Murt. The district sits mostly in Montco, but also includes part of Fox Chase in Philly proper.

100% of districts reporting

Daryl Boling (D): 41.9%
Tom Murt (R): 58.1%

? Pa. House 170

Incumbent Rep. Martina White defeated Democratic Mike Doyle, securing her third term. The far Northeast Philly district includes Somerton, Chalfont, Millbrook, Parkwood and some of Bustleton.

98.31% of districts reporting

Martina White (R): 57.76%
Mike Doyle (D): 42.3%

? Pa. House 177

This is the most contentious Pa. House race — a toss-up between parties in the River Wards and part of lower Northeast Philly. Hohenstein defeated Kozlowski, flipping the district that had been held by a Republican since 1984.

97.18% of districts reporting

Joe Hohenstein (D): 59.4%
Patty-Pat Kozlowski (R): 40.6%

? Pa. House 181

With incumbent Rep. Curtis Thomas (D) heading for retirement, millennial activist Malcolm Kenyatta faces a perennial candidate Milton Street to take the reins of this North Philly district.

97.6% of districts reporting

Malcolm Kenyatta (D): 95.3%
Milton Street (R): 4.7%

? Pa. House 182

Three-term incumbent Rep. Brian Sims faces an independent challenger in his Center City district.

95.0% of districts reporting

Brian Sims (D): 90.4%
James McDevitt (I): 9.5%

? Pa. House 194

Incumbent state Rep. Pam DeLissio faces two challengers in this district that includes parts of Montco and far Northwest Philly.

98.2% of districts reporting

Pam DeLissio (D): 78%
Sean Stevens (R): 19.4%
Mat Balstar (L): 3.0%

Danya Henninger was first editor and then editor/director of Billy Penn at WHYY from 2019 to 2023.