Billy Penn Philly Quizzo

Philly Quizzo in the snow: How well do you know this city’s past, present and future?

24 trivia questions about everything Philadelphia.

The scene at snowy Philly Quizzo

The scene at snowy Philly Quizzo

Marissa Taffer / Billy Penn

How well do you know Philadelphia?

We’ve been hosting Billy Penn Philly Quizzo for nearly a year now, testing your local knowledge with three rounds of questions .

On a snowy Wednesday evening, the Billy Penn staff took over the warm and cozy lounge at P.J. Clarke’s, the Curtis Center newcomer that feels like its been part of the Beaux Arts Washington Square building for decades.

Despite the slushy situation outside, more than 70 people showed up to play and split into 11 teams. Big congrats to team Frank Quizzo, who won a $50 P.J. Clarke’s giftcard, plus a pile o’ restaurant merch. The award for best name went to team Fultz’s Free Throw, who walked out with a nice swag bag.

Now, it’s your turn. We turned questions into an online quiz. Without using Google, can you beat the high score of 21/24?

Pick your the answers in the three sections below, then click “Submit” and scroll up to “View Score” to see how you did.

(If the form embedded below gives you trouble, you can access the quiz directly here.)

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