16 Philly locations in the new trailer for Jason Segel’s AMC series

“Dispatches from Elsewhere”? More like “Dispatches from Philadelphia.”

Jason Segel and co-star Eve Lindley on Frankford Ave.

Jason Segel and co-star Eve Lindley on Frankford Ave.

AMC / YouTube screenshot

Last summer and fall, Philly was full of Andre 3000 flute serenades, Jason Segel wedding photobombs and random Sally Field sightings.

We found out what it was all about in November, when a 45-second trailer revealed the endgame of the shoots was a Segel-produced dark thriller situation called “Dispatches from Elsewhere.”

Unlike some other movies or shows filmed here, this one appears to be actually set in Philadelphia.

In advance of the AMC series’ premiere on March 1, a new, longer trailer just dropped — and it is chock full of recognizable locations.

The show’s plot might still be a little fuzzy — we’re picking up on a group of strangers brought together by a series of random signs to find a missing girl? — but if nothing else, playing “I spy” Philly edition is enough to get us excited about the March premiere.

Here’s what we saw. Send a note to tips@billypenn.com if you spot something we missed!

Suburban Station

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 11.33.23 AM

The SEPTA hub officially named One Penn Station got some camera time with actor and producer Jason Segel at the very beginning of the trailer.

Ben Franklin Parkway

Dispatches-12.37.28 PM

Actress Eve Lindley as her character Simone walking away from the Art Museum.

Rittenhouse Square (No. 1)

Dispatches-12.37.45 PM

Sally Field’s character Janice sitting on a bench in one of many Rittenhouse Square shots. These types of benches in Rittenhouse usually have arm in the center to discourage sleeping on them.

Please Touch Museum

Dispatches-2.00.47 PM

Andre “3000” Benjamin playing Fredwynn inside the Please Touch Museum. The buildings you see are made of fabric hanging from the ceiling in the Roadside Attractions area, a technician told Billy Penn.

Rittenhouse Square (No. 2)

Dispatches-2.01.02 PM
AMC / YouTube screenshot

A creepy flashmob crowd in the popular downtown park by night.

Rittenhouse Square (No. 3)

Dispatches-2.01.26 PM
AMC / YouTube screenshot

Segel as Peter along with Lindley standing in the popular downtown park by day. If you look closely, you’ll see the regular benches split in half by chair arms.

Free Library Parkway Central Branch

Dispatches-2.01.14 PM
AMC / YouTube screenshot

Fields in the Free Library microfiche, room 214. (H/t to Philly Mag for that very specific locale).

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Dispatches-12.38.07 PM
AMC / YouTube screenshot

Lindley exploring the mosaic tourist attraction on South Street.

Delaware River Waterfront

Dispatches-2.01.56 PM
AMC / YouTube screenshot

What looks to be a pop-up magic show featuring a water escape trick featuring a fine view of our Camden neighbors.

Old City’s Continental restaurant

Dispatches-2.02.21 PM
AMC / YouTube screenshot
Dispatches-2.02.06 PM
AMC / YouTube screenshot

Segel and Benjamin sit across from a disbelieving Field inside Stephen Starr’s first ever restaurant, the Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar in Old City.

‘Welcome to Fishtown’ mural

Jason Segel and co-star Eve Lindley on Frankford Ave.
AMC / YouTube screenshot
Dispatches-2.04.01 PM
AMC / YouTube screenshot

In front of this 2017 mural at 1140 Frankford Ave., Clara, the character it seems this show is trying to track down, speaks from a Y2K Big Mouth Billy Bass.

The Curtis Center

Dispatches-2.08.12 PM
AMC / YouTube screenshot
Dispatches-2.08.36 PM
AMC / YouTube screenshot

We don’t know exactly why yet, but some on-film protests popped outside of the luxury apartments near 6th and Walnut.

1235 Spring Garden St.

Jason Segal and co-star Eve Lindley on the roof of 1235 Spring Garden Street.
AMC / YouTube screenshot
Dispatches-2.10.14 PM 1
AMC / YouTube screenshot

A sweet shot of the Center City skyline (and the drug rehabilitation organization Gaudenzia) from atop a Spring Arts apartment complex. Also featured: what appears to be a reimagined look to the North part of the city featuring a bunch of Philly landmark.

Charming Old City alley

Dispatches-2.38.04 PM
AMC / YouTube screenshot

Is that money falling from the sky? A picturesque alley near Bread and New streets in Old City.

Upper Darby’s Tower Theatre


Not quite Philly, but this 69th Street staple got some camera time.

Melrose Diner at Passyunk and Snyder


That neon signage in the corner belongs to the famous South Philly diner that’s been in business since the 1950s.

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