George Floyd protests

PHOTOS: Sunday morning aftermath — and cleanup! — in Center City Philadelphia

Signs of destruction were rampant, but many people came out to help with recovery.

A contractor who cleans up Rittenhouse Square every morning found mannequins strewn about

A contractor who cleans up Rittenhouse Square every morning found mannequins strewn about

Jim MacMillan

The streets of Center City were surprisingly busy on Sunday morning after Mayor Jim Kenney’s citywide curfew lifted at 6 a.m. (The curfew takes effect again at 6 p.m. Sunday)

Some had come to look at and photograph the destruction of storefronts along two of Philadelphia’s fanciest shopping corridors. Saturday’s large and mostly peaceful protests over the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer were followed by hours of vandalism and looting.

Many stores along Walnut and Chestnut were completely empty the next morning, but some had not yet been cleared — and people were still walking in to snatch goods.

Another set of people out and about were attempting to clean up the mess. A gathering called “Bring a Broom Philly” was organized via social media, and other workers were handing out brooms, bags and wipes outside various storefronts as broken windows were boarded up.

“Some people are cleaning up for themselves, some people are actually cleaning up for the city,” WHYY engagement editor Chris Norris observed during his video tour of Chestnut and Walnut streets.

Here’s a look at the early hours of the aftermath, with pics courtesy of Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Jim MacMillan and Google Master photographer Mark Henninger.

Mark Henninger

People handed out trash bags and dustpans outside the Cheesecake Factory at 15th and Walnut.

Jim MacMillan

Crews were cleaning up the Rizzo statue first thing.

Jim MacMillan

Graffiti covers glass panes at the City Hall SEPTA station.

Jim MacMillan

Bank windows on Chestnut.

Jim MacMillan

Peeking into the Old Navy on Chestnut.

Jim MacMillan

People clean up on Chestnut Street.

Jim MacMillan

Nothing but hand sanitizer left at the Apple Store.

Mark Henninger

A lone shoe inside Philadelphia Runner on Sansom Street.

Jim MacMillan

Workers board up a bank next to the building housing the Doc Martens store on Walnut Street, which burned through the night.

Jim MacMillan

The fire department was still at work early Sunday.


Jim MacMillan

Cleaning up outside the Ritz-Carlton Residences.

Jim MacMillan

Lots of people were picking through racks of clothes still out on Chestnut Street.

Jim MacMillan

An overturned piano was dragged out of this shop on Chestnut Street.

Jim MacMillan

A man takes pictures outside Urban Outfitters.

Jim MacMillan

More mannequins in Walnut Street.

Jim MacMillan

A bank on Chestnut Street.

Mark Henninger

A mannequin bust sits atop an overturned flowerpot on 18th Street.

Mark Henninger

Some storefronts along the stretch, like Federal Donuts on Sansom, appeared to escape any vandalism.

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