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The fifth season of ultrapopular reality show Queer Eye brought the Fab 5 to the greatest city on the planet.

It feels like a lifetime ago that the production crew was in Philadelphia, but according to the calendar it was exactly a year ago we were spotting JVN and Tan France strolling Old City, wandering the streets near their temporary residence at 3rd and Arch.

Season 5 premieres today on Netflix, which means all the Inspiring Philly Content filmed during summer 2019 is now available — and with it, a chance for a little escapism.

Some controversy did pop up when an employee at Old Navy claimed staff had basically been whitewashed for a scene in Center City. Netflix denied any knowledge of the staffing changes in advance of the shoot, saying it was an internal move by the discount fashion store.

Billy Penn got early access to the entire Philly season, so we can confirm: 10/10, fun to watch.

Nothing like hearing some authentic hoagiemouth, peeping your fave shops and restaurants — and even seeing people you know on legit Netflix programming. It’s almost heartwarming to see all your old Philly haunts, social-distancing free, all over the screen.

For some extra stress relief, we turned our Queer Eye bingewatch into a Philly drinking game. So boot up the Netflix machine, take a breath, grab some alcoholic bevs, and play along.

The Philly Queer Eye drinking game

Take a drink when:

1. You see the Ben Franklin Bridge

Technically they filmed all that from Jersey, but that’s fine.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

2. You see William Penn atop City Hall

Double sip if the shot shows the statue from the angle that looks like it’s got a hard on.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

3. The Fab 5 are wearing colonial garb

The transition scenes are gonna get you druuuuunk.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

4. Someone is wearing Philly sports merch

Go Birds.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

5. A SEPTA route makes it on screen

The MFL, the Route 15 trolley, numerous bus stops. Cheers!

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

6. You see Philly street art

And finish your drink if you can identify the artist.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

7. One of the transition quotes is attributed to a Philly person

Think Benjamin Franklin and Will Smith.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

8. You can identify the neighborhood they’re driving in

Trolley lines are a dead giveaway.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

9. Bonus: Cliche Philly Location Rule 

Drink when the Fab 5 are seen in any of the following places:

  • Reading Terminal Market
  • Washington Square Park
  • Dilworth Park
  • The Fishtown La Colombe
  • Italian Market
  • Magic Gardens
Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

Finish your entire drink when:

1. They feature someone who isn’t actually in Philly at all

Delco? Wyomissing? The Jersey Shore? Ok.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

2. You see someone you know on screen

Oh hey Jon Geeting. Hey Yasmine Mustafa.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix
Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

3. The Fab 5 are driving on I-95 or I-76

And while you’re at it, pray the almighty Awareness Cones kept them safe.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

4. JVN takes someone to your favorite hair salon/barbershop

Cheers to all the barbers and stylists! We can’t wait to get our unruly heads back in your hands.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

5. They visit a local biz/restaurant you’ve been to before

Grabbing antique furniture in Port Richmond, a meal on Baltimore Avenue, clothes in Center City. See any of your regular spots? Bottoms up!

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

6. A scene changes locations impossibly quickly thanks to editing

Minutes to go from the Art Museum to Elfreth’s Alley? Good luck with that.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

Take an extra shot when:

1. A Philly nonprofit gets a shoutout

Drinking for a cause.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

2. You see a local politician

Can you guess which City Councilmember is featured in Episode 6?

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

3. Someone eats a Tastykake

Repping Philly deliciously since 1914.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

4. Antoni mispronounces Pizzeria Beddia

Be better.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix

5. A member of the Fab 5 attempts a Philly accent

Try not to cringe. Because yikes.

Credit: Screenshot / Netflix
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