Wawa’s new branding replaces ‘plain and beige’ with bright, cheery colors

New red coffee cups and single-color Sizzli boxes now feature a prominent goose.

Old Sizzli boxes, new Sizzli boxes

Old Sizzli boxes, new Sizzli boxes

Wawa; Danya Henninger / Billy Penn

People who rely on Wawa for morning fuel are in for a surprise: the boxes that hold Sizzli breakfast sandwiches have a new look.

Coffee cups got a design upgrade, too. It’s all part of a brand refresh started last year “with the goal of brightening our customer’s day,” Wawa spokesperson Lori Bruce told Billy Penn.

“Over time, our brand and brand elements became a bit too plain and beige, and didn’t feel like a true reflection of who we are and the customer experience we strive for each day,” Bruce continued. “It was time for an overhaul.”

The new look features monochromatic graphics with bright colors and clean lines, reminiscent of a style popular in the late 1960s/early 1970s — and it’s causing some cognitive dissonance.

“Wawa changed their sizzli boxes and I think it broke my brain. Just doesn’t feel right,” 97.5 The Fanatic producer Connor Thomas posted on Twitter.

“Not sure how I feel. Need a day to collect thoughts,” WWE video producer Jeff McDevitt, a Delco native and Temple grad tweeted.

Rebranded materials started rolling out in the Philly area last week, according to an associate at an Art Museum store, who offered praise for the cleaner, simpler designs.

With a heavy emphasis on red, long one of the brand’s key colors, the revised artwork brings focus back to the goose, which has been part of the Wawa logo since 1974, according to a history on the company website. (“Wawa” is what the Indigenous People of the Delaware Valley called the geese that migrate annually to this area.)

Wawa coffee cups, which have gone through many iterations over the company’s 56 years in business, are now solid red with white lettering and goose silhouette.

That design replaced a very crowded layout featuring a maroon badge atop three different browns.

Old Wawa coffee cups, new Wawa coffee cups

Old Wawa coffee cups, new Wawa coffee cups

Danya Henninger / Billy Penn

Few people pouring themselves hot beverages at a Philly store on Sunday morning noticed the new cups. The Sizzlis are a different story.

Gone are the beige boxes bedecked in a dizzying array of graphical elements: three fonts, two drop-shadows, at least three colors and intricate illustrations of the sandwich. The new Sizzli boxes are one solid shade, with simple, clear text and goose in knockout white.

Danya Henninger / Billy Penn

In their first week out, the new Sizzli boxes have picked up several fans, pleasing Wawa execs.

“We’re excited to see many of our customers are enjoying the upgraded designs,” said spokesperson Bruce.

As with anything that’s new or different, there are also plenty of Philadelphians who claim to detest the revamped Sizzli boxes.

Wawa, holds a special place in many Philadelphians’ hearts, isn’t worried about these negative responses.

“This new direction has tested very well with customers,” Bruce said. “While change is never easy, and some may miss the old beige packaging, we are excited about our new, more colorful look and feel and know customers will soon feel the same.”

Danya Henninger / Billy Penn

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