Credit: Photo by Timothy Rezendes via Creative Commons

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In-person voting locations for the 2020 general election in Philadelphia are set. The City Commissioners have found space for 718 polling places on Nov. 3. That’s more than three times as many as were open for the June primary.

Which one do you go to? In most cases it will be the same one you’re used to.

Enter your address in the Pa. Department of State’s search tool to find your polling location for Nov. 3. 

You do not need ID to cast your vote, unless you’ve moved recently or are otherwise voting in a division or ward for the first time. Find out more here.

Not everyone will be voting in person this year, since anyone can vote early using a mail ballot. The deadline to apply has passed. If you already have your ballot, find instructions for filling it out here, and visit this link for a map of places to drop it off — either at a satellite election office or a secure drop box. Mail ballots must be returned by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Important note: You cannot return mail ballots at the polling locations.

What if you requested a mail ballot but now want to vote in person? You can do that, as long as you bring your ballot and envelopes with you. Find out more here. If you do this, the judge of elections will have to fill out an affidavit before you walk into the voting booth.

The polling places below will be staffed by 8,500 poll workers, who will receive a boosted $200 payment for the day’s work, plus $50 for training.


To chat with a live person about any question you have regarding voting, text EQUALINFO to 73224.