Philadelphia skyline. (Mark Henninger/Imagic Digital)

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**Important note: Do not use this data to decide whether you should go to a hospital. If you are facing a health emergency, seek treatment immediately or call 911**

Along with the rest of Pennsylvania and much of the U.S., Philly has seen a major rise in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations during fall 2020.

How are the city’s hospitals handling the surge? We can now easily keep track.

In early December, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released data that gives the public a detailed look into hospitals’ capacity to deal with COVID-19. The release marked the first time facility-level metrics across the country were made publicly available. HHS has committed to releasing a new update each Monday going forward.

This dashboard distills the data to take a specific look at the situation in Philadelphia.

When exploring the below charts, graphs and maps, there are several notes to keep in mind. (Read more about the limitations and uses of this data at a FAQ created in partnership with the HHS.)

  • Except for the map, this dashboard does not include info about childrens’ hospitals. HHS is not including extensive pediatric data in its releases.
  • The data set does not include any information from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Defense Health Agency and Indian Health Services hospitals. So the Crescenz VA Medical Center in West Philadelphia is not represented here.
  • When counts are so low it might be possible to identify individuals in a specific hospital, the data has been omitted.
  • When references are made to “COVID-19 patients” they indicate adults with confirmed or suspected infection.
  • Each data release includes information about the previous week. So when you look at these charts, always add a mental “for last week.”

Where are the Philly hospitals with COVID-19 patients, and how full are they?

This map details the hospitals in the Philly area that are and aren’t treating people with COVID-19. We’ve added information on whether you can go there whether or not you have insurance. Some have programs that can hook you up with coverage if you don’t have any when you go (which we also indicate).

Hover or tap on a marker to see details about each institution.

If you have questions about navigating Philadelphia in the time of COVID-19, text EQUALINFO at 73224 for personalized answers to your questions.