The outdoor seating at Hawthorne's Beer Cafe, where our late summer Philly Quizzo went down

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The late summer edition of Billy Penn’s monthly Philly Quizzo was one of our best yet.

Dozens of people joined us in person outside Hawthorne’s Beer Cafe in Bella Vista for a night of local trivia, vying to get the most right answers in three rounds of questions about Philadelphia’s past, present, and future.

Quizzo co-hosts Danya Henninger and Sakeenah Benjamin posed the challenges to the audience, who could also look up the question in text form via QR code.

The competition was fierce, as teams with seasoned locals competed against newcomers who’d just moved into town — they didn’t get the high score, but when they did get answers right, everyone cheered.

? Join us for the September edition of Billy Penn Philly Quizzo!

Presented by The Rounds: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19, outdoors at Germantown Garden — free RSVP here.

The winner of the night was team Three Brothers, But One Is a Dad — an actual family with deep ties to Philly (one of the “brothers” happened to be state Rep. Jordan Harris) — who notched an impressive 20/24 correct.

The Brothers won a $50 gift card to Hawthorne’s sister restaurant, Sonny’s Cocktail Joint. Second place scored a $25 gift card, while the third place team took home a bottle of “pet wine,” like for your cat or dog. (Yep, that’s apparently a thing.)

Now it’s your turn. Without using Google, can you beat their high score?

To play, pick your answers in the “Past,” “Present” and “Future” sections below, then click “Submit” and scroll up to hit “View Score” and see how you did. (That’s where you’ll see the correct answers, too.)

If the form below doesn’t work for you, take the quiz here.