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A satisfying new meme might be the most lasting takeaway from Eagles win over the Saints on Sunday, which was probably Philadelphia’s best game of the NFL season so far.

The victory put the Birds firmly back into the playoff hunt, which looked almost impossible a few weeks ago. It was the first home win in front of fans in nearly two years. Quarterback Jalen Hurts edged closer to proving his spot as franchise quarterback.

But the decisive 40-29 win also birthed the perfect clip to express the feelings of Philly sports fans — and frustrated people anywhere:

Wearing a white puffy jacket and an Eagles pom-pom hat, a woman looks directly into the TV camera, and mouths her distaste with the situation.

Thanks to her clear speaking, everyone can tell what she’s saying by reading her lips; you don’t need any sound. As the editor in chief of Complex magazine put it, the scene was an instant classic.

Fox Sports producers know crowds at Lincoln Financial Field have a habit of expressing their disagreement with calls they don’t agree with. So after the refs gave Birds defensive tackle Javon Hargrave a roughing the passer penalty it didn’t look like he deserved, the camera panned right to the stands. And this woman delivered.

She’s already a minor celebrity. Within minutes of the game ending, she was on SportsRadio 94WIP, and blogs across the internet were lauding her prowess. Then The Inquirer interviewed her, publishing an article the next morning and getting lots more details.

Her name is Mary Kate Mink, and she’s from Delaware County. You could also call her “Mare of Havertown,” as WIP host Rob Ellis suggested.

Obviously, she’s a longtime Birds fan. During the summer, she’s a Soul Cycle instructor in Avalon. She’s also co-owner of Trinity Flavors, a canned cocktail company she runs with sister Kathy Pires.

She goes by “MK” among friends, according to a quote she gave the Inquirer about how friends were blowing up her phone after the clips started going viral — including her mother, who was apparently angry with the cursing. Podcast host Marc Farzetta dubbed her “The First Lady of Eagles fans.”

Sorry mom, but this meme will likely be seen far and wide for years to come.