Imhotep Institute Charter High School in North Philly, where the author is in his senior year

When a woman has an abortion, what effects does that have on the development of her life going forward? This question caught my attention during the pandemic, when it seemed like there was an increase in teen pregnancies.

I’m an 18-year-old student at Imhotep Charter High School, which I started attending two years ago when I moved to Philly from my native Brooklyn. I’m on my way to college, and in order to graduate I have to complete a research paper — so I chose this as my topic.

The idea of the senior project is to use surveys, data, and original research to connect our big question back to society and shine a light on the situation.

A woman’s right to choose an abortion is an interesting topic to me, because I’ve personally seen a lot of people in my generation getting treated badly by friends and family when going through teen pregnancy.

Women often don’t get enough respect in the world, and don’t always have the rights that they deserve. It seems like discrimination if they don’t have a choice over whether to have a baby or not. In some places that don’t allow abortions, women who get raped are forced to have a baby, and girls who aren’t financially or emotionally stable are forced to have kids they’re not ready for.

I created the survey below to find out how people in this community feel about this topic.  There are 15 questions that shouldn’t take a lot of time — maybe 2 minutes, at most. I’m looking for at least 50 responses.

Please fill it out if you have a moment, and want to help inform my research. The survey will be open through March 31.