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FedNuts swaps out Martin’s potato rolls after customer concerns

Federal Donuts has found a new potato roll for its signature fried chicken sandwiches, Lizzy McLellan Ravitch reports.

  • In place of Pa. bakery Martin’s — the Mastriano-connected brand used by the local mini-chain since 2015 — CookNSolo’s chicken-and-donuts outfit will use the Schmidt Old Tyme Potato Roll.

Who’s behind Schmidt’s? A Baltimore family also known for political donations, who were in the news recently for feeding motorists during a snowstorm.

Amid Philly’s lack of queer Latine spaces, Sammy’s Place shines

Queer Latine Philadelphians have noticed a dearth of welcoming spaces within Philly’s LGBTQ-friendly nightlife.

  • It wasn’t always that way, several people said. Latin queer bars dotted the city in the ’70s and ’80s, but when they closed, nothing replaced them, leaving many queer Latines to feel left out.

Sammy’s Place on North 5th Street is one of the only spots still going strong, reports Bibiana Correa, and it has begun serving a new generation.

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Weekly brief on gun violence prevention (with PCGVR)

We publish this report each week in partnership with the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting at the Community College of Philadelphia. 

By the numbers in Philadelphia

  • 34: Shooting victims recorded last week so far, vs. 49 the week prior. [PPD Google Drive]
  • 1,083: Shooting victims this year, up 6% from last year [PCGVR]
  • 245: Year-to-date homicides, down 6% from last year; up 60% vs. five years ago [Philly Police]


Busy day for Mayor Kenney. He starts with an address to the national HBCU Administrators conference at the Marriott downtown (9 a.m.), then heads to City Hall to draw teams for the annual Unity Cup, Philly’s summer soccer tournament (10 a.m.).

Afternoon brings Kenney to the virtual biweekly briefing on the city’s gun violence response (1 p.m.). You can listen live on WURD Radio 900 AM / 96.1 FM or watch on Facebook. Evening takes the mayor to the Wells Fargo Center to celebrate the city’s best youth hockey players (5:45 p.m.).


? The Chinese Lantern Festival returns to Franklin Square with over 30 life-size displays taking over the park. Admission is $20-$23 for adults, $12 for kids. (June 21 to Aug. 7)

? Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse hosts Love Now Media’s Black comics storytelling workshop, for fans and creators alike. (6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, June 23)

? In obscure holidays news: Thursday is National Typewriter Day, and you can celebrate with a free lecture from the founder of Philly Typewriter, Bryan Kravitz, on the antiquated machinery’s impact and subtle resurgence. ( 6 p.m. Thursday, June 23)