The Eagles NFC Championship Center City Traffic Box (Twitter/@PhilaOEM)

Just five years after their first Lombardi Trophy, the Eagles are headed back to the Super Bowl.

The party in Philadelphia started early, because this was no nail-biter. The outcome was obvious by the time the fourth quarter started, if not before, as Jalen Hurts and the stellar team put together by football “magician” Howie Roseman demolished the San Francisco 49ers, whose luck just ran out.

City officials are well aware of Philly fans’ passion, and that’s why they blocked off nearly one square mile around City Hall with Broad Street and its greased up poles at the center.

Dubbed the Eagles NFC Championship Center City Traffic Box by the Office of Emergency Management, which activated its command center just after kickoff, the area where cars are temporarily not allowed runs from 8th to 20th Street and Lombard to Race. 

That’s around 120 square blocks — equivalent to more than 400 football fields in square yardage.

The celebrations did not stay within those boundaries. Dancing, music, fireworks and shouts broke out all up and down Broad, from South Philly to North Philly and everywhere in between. 

There was also a massive celebration at Frankford and Cottman avenues, the favored sports victory party spot for Northeast Philadelphia. 

PhilaOEM noted the traffic restrictions would not be limited to that box around City Hall. “Due to celebratory activity, be aware of rolling road closures throughout the city,” the office posted.

Did the Niners trying to co-opt Rocky have to do with their collapse on the field? Can’t say for sure, but the 2018 Vikings probably coulda told them.

Immediately after the win — as the Eagles were receiving their NFC Championship trophy in front of a roaring crows at the Linc, and Hurts, Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, and other players belted out the fight song — Mayor Jim Kenney issued a congratulatory statement that also included a plea for safety.

“As a lifelong Philadelphian and the mayor of this great city I am thrilled to see fans of all ages and from every neighborhood celebrating side by side, full of pride and excitement,” Kenney said. “This is a wonderful night and I ask Philadelphians to celebrate joyously, safely, and respectfully.

The mayor added a hat tip to the Birds’ playoff slogan: “And remember: It’s a Philly thing.” 

Don’t tell that to New York City — or as we’re now calling it, NORTH North Philly. 

Hey, Philadelphia will take it — we’ve also got the first lady of the United States on our side.

Plus the breakout entertainment star of the year.

Even the court system got into the mood.