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Pennsylvania’s richest person is now even richer

The Philadelphia area is now home to one of the world’s 50 richest people, according to Forbes’ latest billionaires list: Jeff Yass.

  • Yass leapt up to No. 48 with a net worth of $28.5B, more than double the previous listed estimate. He was an early TikTok investor and owns Susquehanna International Group, a Bala Cynwyd trading firm.

He’s known for avoiding taxes and big political donations — to Rand Paul, to a PAC that backed Ted Cruz, to and supporters of school privatization in Pa.

→ Who is Jeff Yass?

Headquarters of Susquehanna International Group in Bala Cynwyd (Google Street View)

Memories of the worst Sixers team in history, and the best

South Philadelphia native Ron Rabena worked for one of the worst teams in local sports history — and for one of the best.

  • Rabena was a ball boy for the 1973 Sixers, the squad that won just 9 of 82 games. A decade later, he was assistant equipment manager when the 1983 Sixers won the NBA Championship.

Though to be the lone surviving alumnus of both teams, Rabena spoke with reporter Pete Croatto about his basketball memories. (Yes, he has a ring.)

→ The lows and the highs

Members of the Philadelphia 76ers raise the NBA championship trophy after winning in 1983. (Courtesy Ron Rabena)

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Nothing on the public sked for Philly’s 99th mayor.


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