Screenshot from the 24/7 livestream of the I-95 rebuild in Northeast Philly. (PennDOT)

Part of I-95 is getting rebuilt, and you can watch it happen in real time.

Gov. Josh Shapiro’s administration has set up a webcam at the site in Northeast Philadelphia where an interstate bridge used by 150k vehicles daily collapsed after a gasoline tanker explosion

The site will always be something of a memorial — the truck driver, Nathan Moody, lost his life in the crash and subsequent explosion — but the hope with the cam is it’ll also be inspirational, showing the can-do spirit of the state, federal, and local partners coming together to reconstruct the road.

How quickly will that happen? No timeline has been announced, but Shapiro is pushing for speed. On Wednesday he announced plans for repairs, and an online live feed debuted the following day.

It’s being run through PennDOT, per the image, with the camera described as being on the North Milnor Street on ramp.

The announcement of the 24/7 construction cam prompted a variety of reactions.

There were some plaudits for transparency and Shapiro handling the situation well. Sentiment that it could set a record for the longest livestream ever if the repairs drag out. Gratitude for something to watch now that “Succession” is over. A Sixers’ fan’s lament that they just can’t watch “another rebuild.”

It also only took about an hour before the concept got memed. Hard.

Now that the highwaycam is up and running, here are some suggestions, courtesy of Philly Twitter, for how you can take your interstate rebuild viewing to the next level.

Host a watch party

It’s a pretty popular thought, because the only thing that makes watching construction workers dig and pour concrete better is watching it with friends.

Crack open a cold one

“Imagine if you will,” wrote @Dex_Appeal, “drinking twisted teas with the boys outside , watching I-95 be reconstructed.”

“Playing a drinking game where you drink every time the crew goes for a wawa run and succumbing to liver failure before day three,” wrote @cutiejuuliani

Stay safe, Philly.

Start a group chat

Maybe you want to skip dealing with the traffic to get to an in-person gathering, but still stay on top of your buddies’ commentary. Why not start a Discord?

Make it into a family affair

Who needs Bob the Builder when you’ve got the I-95 livestream? Some parents with kids are already HYPED.

“My kiddo and I are going to watch the SHIT out of this livestream all summer,” @yupitslalaa tweeted.

Or just take advantage of the distraction

Maybe you’re just not into construction. That’s cool too. @BoozyBadger pointed out that toddler parents might find “a few hours of peace” thanks to the commonwealth’s new cam. And people with boyfriends might too.

“This is the boyfriend equivalent of giving a kid an iPad at the dinner table,” wrote @MorganRHill. “I’m literally just going to turn this on … and then do whatever I want, unbothered. TY @GovernorShapiro!”

Gamify it

“Who wants to start an I-95 rebuild fantasy league?” asked @cohen_sean. “Draft of union workers is at Cherry Street Tavern at 9 pm.”

Or how about some prop bets?

“Over/under 9.5 hoagie/cig breaks before 1 pm,” tweeted @JeffMcDev. “Someone keep track of this.”

“+/- 57 trips to the port a potty,” @eriklambertsen wrote back.

The real question, though, c/o @BaconEggnChase: “over/under for when a new Philly legend takes this national stage?”

Turn it into a productivity tool

“low-fi I-95 rebuild 24/7 live feed to study to” –@rebekahentralgo

Also watch the Eras Tour

A strong contender for the hottest livestream event of the summer is Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, which a handful of benevolent concertgoers stream on Tiktok every weekend for fans who weren’t lucky enough to score a ticket.

Will the new 24/7 stream cut into Tay’s numbers as Swiftie construction nerds tune into the rebuild instead? @larajakiel raises the question… Why not flip between both?

Skip the stream, and tailgate instead

Another common suggestion — it’s just in Philly’s nature, after all. Who’s heading to Cottman Ave?


Have a significant other or situationship? Just looking for a first date activity and got kicked out of Netflix for password sharing? Take the leap. Invite your crush over for the I-95 livestream. We believe in you.

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