Could it be? (6ABC/Billy Penn illustration)

Did you know Gritty’s bachelor pad is actually inside of a massive West Philadelphia sinkhole? At least that seems to be the Philly Twitter consensus.

A huge chasm opened up Wednesday near the intersection of 57th and Media streets in the Carroll Park neighborhood. At this point, it’s not clear what caused it, but officials are working to repair a collapsed sewer and remove debris from the hole to figure out what exactly is going on, 6ABC reported.

The sinkhole is about 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep, according to CBS3… which really makes you wonder what’s down there.

So, as Billy Penn does, we asked our followers on the social media network that will always and forever be known in our hearts as Twitter — and the suggestions didn’t disappoint. Here’s a sampling of what they said.

Gritty, because where else would he live?

At least 30 people suggested the Flyers’ mascot is making his home — a mojo dojo casa house, if you will — somewhere in that giant sinkhole. (That number is not exaggerated.)

Some variations of the Gritty response:

  • “That’s where Gritty has laid his eggs” –@D_ScottRichards
  • “Gritty’s cousin, only comes out for West Philly Porch Fest” –@phillydesign (BP editor Danya Henninger)
  • “Gritty all the way down” –@JGavinHeck1
  • “Anyone NOT answering Gritty here: what are we even doing?” –@g_simmel

Or, Franklin

Suggested by: @acnatta

When you’re one of Philly’s less-memed, sometimes-forgotten sports mascots, it probably helps to have somewhere you can go to just clear your head and be alone.

The… Roosevelt Boulevard Subway?

Suggested by: @Dana_TFSJ and @PhilaWelsh

Did a Philly urbanist finally wish it into existence?

A hidden PPA treasure chest

“That’s where all the money the ppa collects goes” –@SteveBelieveIt

The PHL Airport raccoon

Suggested by: @Spottschrift

A raccoon surprised passengers at baggage claim at Philly International earlier this week. Officials suggested it likely wandered over from the nearby Heinz National Wildlife Preserve… but who knows, really? 

A sister sinkhole

Flashback to June 2019, 43rd and Baltimore Avenue, when a different 20-foot-wide sinkhole opened, blocked the road and some trolley tracks for weeks as the Water Department repaired a defective sewer. Maybe this is “the other side” of that hole, @XO_LM suggested.

Not a home, but a viral cryptic invite event venue

Empty lots and abandoned piers are going out of style.

“It’s the hot new location for the next ‘Do attend’ party” –@Jamjohns1278

‘The Lost Mummers of the Apocalypse’

Suggested by: @Ed_in_Raleigh

The heading speaks for itself.

The things that haunt us

Could the “dashed Eagles dreams from the last NFL season” have been banished to that hole? The Sixers’ conference finals dreams? The ghost of Frank Rizzo? (Suggested by @PMCinTN, @2Ajit2Tweet, and @LightThiefProd, respectively.)

Maybe it’s best that we don’t find out. 

Hitchbot’s remains

Suggested by: @djzins

Because if Philly bothered to give Hitchbot any kind of burial at all, it probably wouldn’t have been anywhere nicer than at the bottom of a big pit with a broken sewer.

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