As roster cuts loom, will the Eagles keep Tim Tebow on the team? We asked a psychic

Tebow psychic

The Philadelphia Eagles will make their next round of cuts Tuesday. The roster will go down to 75 players from 90 and a few days later, the roster will be trimmed further, to the regular season size of 53.

This is a nerve-wracking time to be a lightly-heralded rookie, a veteran who’s lost a step or a free agent with a tenuous contract. Tim Tebow fits into the last category, and after a preseason game Saturday night in which he failed on consecutive two-point conversion attempts, tenuous might be the word many would use to describe his situation. But unlike the others he shouldn’t worry. He’s going to make the team.

An expert told us. No, not a journalist, or a former NFL player, coach or scout. All of those people have been (with few exceptions) pretty down on Team Tebow’s chances.

So Billy Penn spoke about Tim Tebow’s future with a true authority: Lena, the Rittenhouse Psychic. And after channeling her powers she decided Tebow is going to be a Philadelphia Eagle this fall and not just one riding the bench.   

“I do feel there will be several games that he’ll be in,” she said.

You heard her. Get ready to start “Tebowing” like it’s 2011.

Billy Penn provided Lena with a recent picture of Tebow. In a room crowded with tarot cards, crosses and Far Eastern religious figurines, she did the rest, sensing for his personality and his future as best she could.   

“He prays a lot and he follows the word of God,” she said. “And the word of God is to be successful.”

Not all of the energy Lena picked up from Tebow was positive, though. She sensed football issues had made him insecure and not the same person he used to be. But even that problem should be corrected.

“I feel the confidence will come back,” she said.    

Before I left, Lena had one request:

“This picture, am I able to keep it?

“I’m just going to pray for him. I think he’s got a bright future.”

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