‘Close the borders’: Donald Trump truck surprises Kasich-Cruz conference in Pennsylvania

A Scranton-area businessman sent the truck to Harrisburg this morning so Trump would have a presence at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference.

Trump Truck
Mark Dent/Billy Penn

CAMP HILL, Pa. — Donald Trump is the only Republican Presidential candidate not scheduled to appear at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference today. John Kasich will speak early this afternoon. Ted Cruz will speak a few hours later.

But they still won’t be able to escape the shadow of their controversial opponent, thanks to a truck from Scranton.

Bob Bolus, a Scranton-area businessman, sent it down this morning, and it arrived just before noon. He’s sent the truck around the state before, all the way to Cleveland, too. It’s emblazoned with all-caps slogans like, “CLOSE THE BORDERS,” “KEEP MEXICAN DOPE IN MEXICO” and “ALL LIVES MATTER.”

Keith Dodgson, the truck’s driver, said the cargo hold was full of “Make America Great Again” hats. He was kidding.

“The government would need another bill for that,” he said.

Dodgson, who supports Trump because of his foreign policy views and general attitude, said he’s driven the truck in Scranton before, but this was the first time he’d taken it for a long drive. On the way to Harrisburg, he said, other drivers were honking their horns and giving thumbs up, showing their support. He said most everyone who reacted was positive.

That is, until the truck arrived at the Radisson Camp Hill. Dodgson originally parked it on the drive directly in front of the hotel’s conference center. Everyone on the way in to see Kasich and Cruz would have to walk right by it. Within minutes, he said, the conference’s leadership told him to move the truck.

Two men working security noted maybe the move would be for the better for Trump. It’s now in the back of a parking lot facing one of the busiest roads in the Harrisburg area.

“Mr. Trump might not have wanted to be here,” Dodgson said, “but we wanted to let him know the people in Pennsylvania are supporting Trump.”

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