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The Eagles host Tampa Bay tonight at 7 p.m., to officially start the 2016 NFL (pre)season! It may be gloomy and thunderous outside, there’s hope, joy and bright skies ahead. Football is back. Finally.

Which of those gifs is creepier? Is it both? I think the answer is both.

But let’s not let creepy gyrating babies quell our excitement!

Note: Dancing Rodney is always better than a dancing baby.

Some people seem VERY focused on what the Eagles do tonight. Too focused, even.

Also, people are hype. Super hype, which would make a great name for a really-excited-for-football superhero.

: D

Sorry, C. Jello, getting up for work early is always bad. But not as bad as this:

If pre-season football is the only thing getting you through the day, it’s probably time to reevaluate the day. Maybe get up earlier for work! Or perhaps later!

On the flip side…

That’s the spirit! Just don’t take it too far.

Your enthusiasm is noted, Samuel, but have you SEEN the world lately? Is Fletcher Cox suddenly running for President?

Okay, legit can’t tell if this guy is drinking because he’s happy the Eagles are playing or nervous the Eagles are playing.

Damn right, Sean. Embrace the day. Tonight will be yours! And it is Carson Wentz’s first game!

Speaking of which, Thursday’s opener marks the beginning of a new era in Eagles football, as both head coach Doug Pederson and Wentz — the second overall pick in the 2016 draft and the undisputed future of the Eagles franchise with how much the team has invested in him — will make their Eagles debuts. The Eagles have held to the notion that Wentz won’t play this season, so tonight is one of just a handful of opportunities Eagles fans will get to see the rookie sensation. People are eager for a look.

Good news, Eugene…Joey…Bruce…ee, he’s playing in the second half tonight!

Could that dog look any less excited? That’s the “time’s yours” of Eagles dogs.

That dog is the spirit animal of this tweet:

Let’s get hype again, Eagles fans! Super hype, even.

Okay, maybe that’s a little too hype. And Carson Wentz is not also known as THE BIG DOG HUNT. That doesn’t even make sense. How can one person be a dog hunt? And a why would you ever hunt a big dog? Wouldn’t small dogs be better to hunt? Unless you’re hunting them for meat and not for sport. Then fine, hunt a big dog. Is that why the dog in the tweet above is so sad? Is he being hunted? Should we help him? This is so not hype.

Are we sure Spaz isn’t just being nice to get that autograph? It’s not like you can say horrible things about a man and then ask for his autograph. Although, this is Philly…

Yep, this is Philly.