Jill Stein’s campaign will answer your ridiculous emails. It’ll just take four months.

On June 8, Public Policy Polling released a poll in which they asked Pennsylvania voters who they thought was more qualified to be President of the United States: Donald Trump or the Phillie Phanatic. Things have changed a bit for Trump in the last four months, but back in June, his popularity in Pennsylvania was very low:

Pennsylvania makes another state where Trump is the least popular of the Presidential candidates. Only 34% of voters see him favorably to 59% with a negative opinion. But what might be the worst for Trump is we asked who people think is more qualified to be President- him or the Phillie Phanatic- and the Phanatic won out 46/40.

Understandably, news that the Phanatic had more favorable ratings than Trump was a dream story for the local news, especially the fact that 14 percent of polled voters were unsure.


In an effort at due diligence, Billy Penn sought comment on the Phanatic’s political popularity from both the Phillies and, because why not, the Green Party candidate for President of the United States. At the time of publication, we received no comment from either organization.

Until now.

Nearly four months to the day after our request was sent to Stein’s official website, her campaign replied. But why?!?!

Our original email went thusly:

“Hi. The Phillie Phanatic beat Donald Trump in a PPP poll today, for people in PA who were asked who they think is more qualified to be POTUS. Would you have any interest in the Phanatic as a potential running mate?”

Clearly, the question was a joke, in hopes Stein’s campaign would hop on the local angle that made national headlines to get her name — and her party — in the conversation. From a PR standpoint, a quick, snarky comment back to us would have been a layup.

Timing, it seems, is everything. On Oct. 6, we received a reply, sent from “Jill Stein’s Help Desk” to “Jill Stein’s Help Desk” with a CC to me.


Dear Dan,  Thanks for writing in. We apologize for the delay in response.  Our Q&A staff is tiny.  In case you don’t already know,  our VP running mate is  AJamu Baraka

http://www.jill2016.com/meet_ajamu.  Thanks again.  Solidarity!

Solidarity, indeed. Also, it was a joke, so they probably missed the punchline by about six weeks. Besides, clearly the Phanatic couldn’t be Stein’s running mate, as we aren’t sure if he has been vaccinated he was born in the Galapagos Islands. Alas…

We can’t blame Stein, herself, for the delay. The original email didn’t get passed along to the campaign from NationBuilder until the day after our original story posted. The form email was forwarded to Michael Trudeau, a Jill Stein supporter and consulting book editor who isn’t listed as a staffer on any Green Party sites but, it stands to reason, is some kind of communications volunteer.

Trudeau then forwarded the email somewhere on Aug. 23, nearly 80 days after the original email was sent, then it sat in someone at the Green Party’s inbox until Thursday, when we were invited to click on the link to meet Ajamu. Or, as it were “AJamu.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise the Green Party was so far behind on the gag. After all, on Thursday the lead image on the Green Party website was an invitation to watch the reaction to “tonight’s debate.” You know, the one that happened on Tuesday.


Hey, the mistake could be worse. We should probably set a reminder to check their website in four months. Maybe they’ll have election results posted by then.

What we imagine a Stein/Phanatic campaign sign could look like
What we imagine a Stein/Phanatic campaign sign could look like