Yep, that's Mike Jerrick on a Segway.

Jim Kenney appeared on the Fox Good Day morning program today in a scheduled spot to promote this weekend’s Unity Cup at Citizens Bank Park. Tickets for that are free, the mayor explained, assuming people can get to the ballpark without SEPTA, should the strike linger into the weekend.

Clearly, Kenney isn’t happy that his mass transit system is on hold while the union and SEPTA brass fight over contract details. Even he is concerned about this strike lingering on until the election.

YouTube video

That wasn’t all the Fox Good Day crew did Tuesday morning to get their audience informed about the election. They also rode Segways.

Credit: Fox Good Day

Yes, that’s the Fox morning show hosts Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley hopping on the two-wheeled scooters, jokingly (maybe?) suggesting people impacted by the SEPTA strike take Segways to work.

Note: Do not take Segways to work. This is a horrible idea.

You know what else is a horrible idea? Standing in front of a screen full of text. Hi Bob!


Fox obviously wasn’t the only network giving wall-to-wall coverage of the SEPTA strike. A transit strike is a disaster for local traffic, but a huge win for traffic reporters at each major network. This is like a hurricane forecast, only this didn’t fizzle out before hitting land. This happened, and the reporters are ready for it. Time for some serious newsfaces.


Also, at the time of this post, Fox Good Day was doing a report on baby food facts. So perhaps not all wall-to-wall.