The scene at U-Bahn, an underground bar in Center City.

You have two choices when it comes to New Years Eve: You could do what most of us usually do, which is haphazardly figure out something to do on Dec. 26 and miss out on the lowest prices and the best venues. Or you could plan ahead and pick one of the dozens of events from below and get your tickets earlier.

Either way, we’re here for you.

Billy Penn has rounded up more than 80 events, parties, ragers, dinners and other things to do on New Years Eve in Philly. If you can’t find something for you from this diverse selection, you’re probably SOL. (Have an event or party that’s not included here? Let us know.)

Here’s the list of events and parties you can check out on New Years Eve:

Bars, clubs, parties and ragers

[pedestal-event id=”60040″]

[pedestal-event id=”60042″]

[pedestal-event id=”60043″]

[pedestal-event id=”60039″]

[pedestal-event id=”60055″]

[pedestal-event id=”60072″]

[pedestal-event id=”60044″]

[pedestal-event id=”60059″]

[pedestal-event id=”60056″]

[pedestal-event id=”60052″]

[pedestal-event id=”60045″]

[pedestal-event id=”60038″]

[pedestal-event id=”60037″]

[pedestal-event id=”60036″]

[pedestal-event id=”60035″]

[pedestal-event id=”60031″]

[pedestal-event id=”60001″]

[pedestal-event id=”60028″]

[pedestal-event id=”60027″]

[pedestal-event id=”60026″]

[pedestal-event id=”60025″]

[pedestal-event id=”60022″]

[pedestal-event id=”60019″]

[pedestal-event id=”60016″]

[pedestal-event id=”60013″]

[pedestal-event id=”60011″]

[pedestal-event id=”60008″]

[pedestal-event id=”60007″]

[pedestal-event id=”60003″]

[pedestal-event id=”59991″]

[pedestal-event id=”59958″]

[pedestal-event id=”59956″]

[pedestal-event id=”59955″]

[pedestal-event id=”59954″]

[pedestal-event id=”59953″]

[pedestal-event id=”59952″]

[pedestal-event id=”60759″]

[pedestal-event id=”60761″]

[pedestal-event id=”60762″]

[pedestal-event id=”61249″]

[pedestal-event id=”61251″]

[pedestal-event id=”61253″]

[pedestal-event id=”61270″]

[pedestal-event id=”61271″]

[pedestal-event id=”61277″]

[pedestal-event id=”61279″]

Music venues, shows and performances

[pedestal-event id=”59999″]

[pedestal-event id=”60958″]

[pedestal-event id=”60014″]

[pedestal-event id=”60002″]

[pedestal-event id=”60000″]

[pedestal-event id=”60033″]

[pedestal-event id=”60010″]

[pedestal-event id=”60023″]

[pedestal-event id=”60020″]

[pedestal-event id=”60018″]

[pedestal-event id=”60017″]

[pedestal-event id=”60009″]

[pedestal-event id=”60005″]

[pedestal-event id=”60004″]

[pedestal-event id=”60754″]

Dinner events for with gala food

[pedestal-event id=”59998″]

[pedestal-event id=”60076″]

[pedestal-event id=”60046″]

[pedestal-event id=”60766″]

[pedestal-event id=”59957″]

[pedestal-event id=”59997″]

[pedestal-event id=”60757″]

[pedestal-event id=”60012″]

[pedestal-event id=”60779″]

[pedestal-event id=”59996″]

[pedestal-event id=”60764″]

[pedestal-event id=”60775″]

[pedestal-event id=”60758″]

[pedestal-event id=”59995″]

[pedestal-event id=”60782″]

[pedestal-event id=”60765″]

[pedestal-event id=”59994″]

[pedestal-event id=”60778″]

[pedestal-event id=”60774″]

[pedestal-event id=”60780″]

[pedestal-event id=”61106″]

[pedestal-event id=”61108″]

[pedestal-event id=”61110″]

[pedestal-event id=”61246″]

[pedestal-event id=”61250″]

[pedestal-event id=”61256″]

[pedestal-event id=”61257″]

[pedestal-event id=”61264″]

[pedestal-event id=”61267″]

[pedestal-event id=”61275″]

And everything else

[pedestal-event id=”60047″]

[pedestal-event id=”60060″]

[pedestal-event id=”60030″]

[pedestal-event id=”60048″]

[pedestal-event id=”60029″]

[pedestal-event id=”60024″]

[pedestal-event id=”59992″]

[pedestal-event id=”61273″]

Anna Orso was a reporter/curator at Billy Penn from 2014 to 2017.