Holidays in Philly

14 Rejected Holiday Cards for Philly Pro Sports Teams

Christmas cards from sports teams are lame. We made good ones.

Billy Penn Illustration

2016 was an up-and-down year for Philly’s pro sports teams. The Phillies, Sixers Eagles and Flyers were all in rebuilding years. The Union were very good early, then leveled off, then made the playoffs, then got bounced from the playoffs. But hey, The Soul and Villanova won titles! Hooray, 2016!

The future looks bright for the big five pro teams in Philly, so we decided to celebrate that by spreading some holiday cheer. Here are 14 rejected holiday cards for the Philly professional sports teams. (Click the images to enlarge. All team/player images via USA Today Sports.)

Enjoy, share and, as always, be merry.

Happy Holidays, from the Eagles

Billy Penn Illustration

We couldn’t have an Eagles card without Carson Wentz as Tiny Tim.

Billy Penn Illustration

Alternate greeting: Hold on tight this Christmas. Or, stop dropping things so the rest of us can celebrate next year.

Billy Penn Illustration

This guy keeps winning Eagles tickets. Who knew he’d steal all our presents too.

Billy Penn Illustration

A deep Christmas cut, but how can we have Carson Wentz and not go with an obscure Good King Wenceslas pun?

Seasons Greetings, from the Sixers

Billy Penn Illustration

It’s funny because it’s sad.

Billy Penn Illustration

Who knew Nerlens Noel would be the Christmas gift that keeps on giving?

Billy Penn Illustration

Sam Hinkie may have died for our sins, but he’s not the savior. There is only one savior.

Billy Penn Illustration

Well, maybe two.

Peace on Earth, from the Phillies

Billy Penn Illustration

Unlike the Eagles and Sixers, there is nothing to promote right now for the Phillies. The future is bright, but right now it’s pretty boring, too.

Billy Penn Illustration

I’d say ‘too easy’ but that image took a while to make, so I guess the joke was on me.

Billy Penn Illustration

Things could be worse for the Phillies. They could still be overpaying players five years past their prime. Well, I guess technically they are.

Celebrate the Season, from the Flyers

Billy Penn Illustration

The Flyers defense, overall, has actually done pretty well in keeping shots down. Still, Steve Mason has been key in their recent run.

Billy Penn Illustration

If there wasn’t a ghost joke coming, I’d have failed you. I would never fail you.

Happy New Year, from the Union

Billy Penn Illustration

The year wasn’t bad for every team. Also…the Soul! (Sorry, Soul. We ran out of Photoshopping steam. But know you’re with us in spirit.)

Happy holidays, Philly sports fans. 2017 is going to be bonkers.

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