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16 best signs from the Philly Women’s March

The post-inaugural event was held in solidarity with the march in DC — and hundreds of others across the world.

Participants in the Philly Women's March gather at Eakins Oval for a rally

Participants in the Philly Women's March gather at Eakins Oval for a rally

Anna Orso/ Billy Penn

Updated 5 p.m. with official count for Philly

Huge crowds descended on the Ben Franklin Parkway this morning to participate in the Philadelphia Women’s March. It was one of more than 600 rallies planned across the US and world today, organized in solidarity with the main event that saw multitudes of women descend on Washington, DC.

The event in Philadelphia brought out close to 50,000 women (and some men) — besting estimates of 20k — to unite in the march’s stated mission: To “stand together in the birthplace of our nation, united with our partners, friends and children for the protection of our civil liberties, civil rights, and equality.”

SEPTA was packed with unprecedented crowds, and there were long lines for PATCO as people from the suburbs made their way to the city.

Once everyone got to the staging site and began making their way to Eakins Oval for the rally, where leaders gave motivational calls to action, hundreds of signs were raised aloft. Here’s some of the best.

Fundamental human rights FTW.

Anna Orso

When the facts are true, they’re true.

Anna Orso

Sometimes you really can’t tell what’s true or not.

Anna Orso

Honor thy mother. (Bonus: Acronym soup in the background.)

Philadelphia Women's March in January 2017
Marissa Levy

And your aunt, too.

Anna Orso

Watch out for that reverse grab, it can be ferocious.

Marissa Levy

Humor was put to good use.

Guys were welcome, especially when they carried signs like this.

Anna Orso

The Philly resistance was out in full force.

Anna Orso

Standing proud.

And refusing to back down.

Anna Orso

People were energized.

Marissa Levy

Determined to keep progress moving forward.

A sign carried at the Philadelphia Women's March in January.
Anna Orso

Few signs mentioned the new president by name — this wasn’t a protest, it was a solidarity march — but he definitely made cameos.

Anna Orso

Some references were obscure but obvious.

His likeness showed up more than a few places.

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