I’ll admit, I wrote three stories on Saturday. One for Brian Dawkins getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, one for Terrell Owens getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and one for Brian Dawkins and Terrell Owens getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Never in my wildest imagination could I guess neither would make the cut this year.

Dawkins was a finalist in his first year of eligibility, so it stands to reason the antiquated voting process — only five modern-era players got in this year and there were many, many worthy candidates — would keep him out. But for Owens to get snubbed is flat-out ridiculous.

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For Dawkins and Owens to get snubbed for Jason Taylor (in his first year on the ballot) and a kicker (!?!?!?!) is worth seriously reconsidering the voting process. This is, in a word, stupid. And the internet agrees.

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What’s funny is that simply by Owens tweeting this, there are probably at least two voters in the room of media who hold the keys to the Hall of Fame who will use this against him when he goes up for consideration next year.

Dawkins was a bit more gracious in his disappointment.

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Others…less so.

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There is. The fact the Hall of Fame limits the list to just five modern-era players is a total joke. They announce 25 “semifinalists”, then narrow that list down to 15 “finalists” then narrow THAT list down to 10 actual semifinalists before talking in a room to whittle that list down to the actual five finalists. Those five are then voted on one-by-one yes or no.

Seriously, the Pro Football Hall of Fame voting process makes the Baseball Writers look progressive.

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Simply put, the stats don’t lie. Owens is one of the greatest receivers in history. Owens was a mercurial player during his decade and a half in the NFL, but there’s no denying his productivity. He ranks second all-time in NFL history in receiving yards with 15,934 and is eighth all-time in catches, one of just 14 receivers in history with 1,000 or more receptions.

Owens wasn’t just a stat compiler, as he could light up the scoreboard unlike almost any other receiver in history. Owens is one of only three players with more than 150 touchdown catches, as his 153 stand behind only Randy Moss (156) and Jerry Rice (197).

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John Lynch also didn’t make the Hall of Fame. The voters are seriously out of their minds this year. Or whoever made the case for Jason Taylor was very persuasive.

Yes, that’s how it works: A member of the media gets up and “makes the case” for each person in the finals and then the voters — in a secret room with secret conversations — decide who should get in to Canton. Jason Taylor and Morten Anderson this year. Not T.O. or Dawkins.

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Seriously. Everyone not named Jason Taylor seems mad.

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There were THOUSANDS of tweets and comments about these two snubs, too many to even try to chronicle properly. But if you think Twitter is bad, just imagine what sports talk radio is going to be like tomorrow and Monday.

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Both Dawkins and Owens will get into the Hall of Fame at some point. Hopefully next year. If it even matters by then.