NFL asks ‘What’s the Philliest?;’ Philly answers: PPA, MOVE, Swiss Cheese Pervert

It’s Veterans Stadium, not Veteran.

Philliest Draft
Twitter via @ArkansasFred

The NFL Network came up with its own draft of Philadelphia icons this morning. Hours before the real Draft, it’s asking — seriously — “What’s the Philliest?”

The choices are about exactly what you’d expect: Will Smith, Ben Franklin, Mike Schmidt, “It’s Always Sunny,” Boyz II Men, etc. There’s a few odd ones, too, like democracy. First off, democracy isn’t an icon. Secondly, it’s more of an Athens thing. Also: It’s Veterans Stadium, not Veteran, and Cream Cheese is not a Philadelphia thing. And really, no Phanatic? It should make every cliche list.

Fortunately, Phillly Twitter came up with a few more genuine responses.


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