Medical cannabis in PA

Fishtown, Northeast, Northwest Philly getting medical marijuana dispensaries

If you’ve got a prescription, you can buy cannabis oils, extracts — and possibly the plant itself.

Councilman Derek Green proposed a resolution to stop testing Philly parolees for THC.

Councilman Derek Green proposed a resolution to stop testing Philly parolees for THC.

Andy Colwell / Billy Penn

The Pennsylvania Department of Health today granted 27 medical marijuana dispensary licenses, and four are expected to set up dispensaries in Philadelphia.

Here are the expected dispensary names and addresses in the city:

  • PharmaCannis LIFE – 599 Franklin Mills Circle in Northeast Philly
  • Restore Integrative Wellness Center – 957-963 Frankford Avenue in Fishtown
  • Holistic Pharma – 8900 Krewstown Road in Northeast Philly
  • TerraVida Holistic Centers – 8319-8325 Stenton Avenue in Northwest Philly

The Pennsylvania Department of Health started the process of implementing the state’s medical marijuana program in April 2016 after the legislature passed the state’s first medical marijuana bill, which allows for marijuana to be dispensed to individuals who have prescriptions and suffer from any of 17 pre-selected conditions. Though most were under the impression that Pennsylvania dispensaries can sell just cannabis oils and extracts, an exception in the way the state’s law was written could allow for dispensaries to sell the plant itself.

Each of the dispensary “permittees” has six months to become operational. There will be a total of 52 dispensaries located throughout the state. Here’s a full list of the winners.

Philadelphia was shut out entirely from the first round of permits granted to grower/ processors, and though two companies won the right to set up a marijuana growing operation in southeastern PA, both are expected to be located in Berks County.

There’s still a lot to do before the program gets off the ground, including licensing physicians to prescribe medical marijuana. Patient registration is expected to begin in September, and patients who will have access to medical marijuana are expected to get their cards by November. State officials say they’re optimistic the program will be operational by 2018.

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