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This visual exhibit explores the history of HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia

This marks 30 years of the AIDS Library

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From Philadelphia FIGHT

Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers and the William Way LGBT Community Center will be teaming up to commemorate the AIDS Library’s 30th Anniversary with the opening of the Still Fighting for Our Lives exhibit.

The exhibit opening will take place at William Way on Friday, Nov. 10 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. At this event, we will look back at the genesis of the AIDS library with the help of stunning visuals highlighting the activism and prevention work that happened within Philadelphia. The event will honor the many years of the AIDS Library providing life-saving information and its work as a hub of activity and safe community space for people living with HIV.

Currently, The AIDS Library serves the community through delivery of information on HIV, such as treatments, nutrition, and history of the pandemic, and referrals to regional and national resources. This information is provided through a variety of media including books, periodicals, medical journals, videos, and the Internet.

The Still Fighting for Our Lives exhibit, highlighting the Philadelphia AIDS Library Graphics Collection, explores the history of HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia. The collection is an extensive collection that was donated to the William Way Archives in 2015. The collection consists of a few thousand individual pieces, including posters, flyers, banners, signs, brochures, photographs, and a few other kinds of materials that are visual in nature. These include HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, event and fundraising promotional pieces, protest banners and signs, and even some comic books.

During the event, we will also be honoring longtime volunteers Dominick D’Ortenzio, Jacqueline Bryant, Anthony Johnson, Gregory Grant, and Samantha Spott for their commitment to the AIDS Library and its radical mission of creating an access point for those seeking vital health information.

While remembering the past, we will also be looking to the future as we gear up to deepen the mission of the AIDS Library and broaden our reach with the creation of The Critical Path Learning Center. Expanding on the legacy of the AIDS Library, the Critical Path Learning Center will be an educational hub devoted to the intersection of health and literacy for the digital age, providing the community with range of educational programming.

To register, visit the event’s EventBrite page.


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