There’s been lots of chatter over the past couple days about how involved Carson Wentz has remained after his season-ending injury. That involvement, it seems, includes teasing teammates on Twitter.

(Sidenote: Turns out Wentz’s injury was worse than previously revealed; the star quarterback tore not just his left ACL but also the other ligament in the knee, his LCL. Won’t impact recovery, he says, and he won’t change his playing style.)

Wentz being out is the main reason the Eagles have been pegged underdogs throughout the NFL playoffs. Eagles players, of course, embraced that role and have used it to rally themselves and their fans — as well as used it to raise money for Philadelphia schools.

Along with Chris Long, Lane Johnson was one of the first guys to don the underdog masks that’ve become popular among Birds fans, so he deserves to own the meme. And he’s not shying away.

Saturday night, he tweeted a dancing animoji of himself wearing one of the masks. It was cool, and you get the idea, but it was also…a little weird.

Guess who noticed? One Carson Wentz, who replied to his with some serious shade. “Kinda disturbing but I kinda like it ?,” the QB told his offensive tackle.

The harshest part of the jab wasn’t even the words, but the “neutral face” emoji. C’mon son, cut Johnson some slack.

Fans mostly agreed with Wentz, but also realized it was all in good fun.

In the end, of course, animojis matter much less than the game next Sunday.

But it’s great to know players are having fun on the ride to get there.

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