After the Eagles’ Super Bowl win, the longest championship droughts for every major sports city

An updated list, because Philadelphia just won.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots
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Never again in the history of time will Philly have to hear the words “never won a Super Bowl.”

Unless, that is, Eagles fans happen to be talking to beleaguered supporters of the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Chargers, Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers or Houston Texans.

Those are the remaining franchises that have never hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. If that seems like a lot, it is.

It’s 12 out of 32 teams, which is more than a third of the current NFL. Yet it always seems — sorry, seemed — to be the Eagles people pointed to when it came to a lack of titles. Well, not anymore!

The Eagles will go into the 2018 NFL season as defending champs, and with much of the roster slated to be back, they’ll be favorites to return to the Super Bowl next year. In one night we went from laughing stock of the sports world to standing on top of the mountain. Champions, again.

Some cities are spoiled. Boston has won so many titles in the last 20 years it’s hard to count, which is why beating the New England Patriots to win in Super Bowl 52 feels so sweet for Eagles fans.

In dethroning the reigning champs, our drought was reset to zero while officially re-starting theirs. But truth be told, it’s only been 10 years since the Phillies won the 2008 World Series. As hard as this run has been been to go through — that’s 40 collective seasons with the big four Philly teams trusting the process and all that’s come with it — it’s really not all that bad.

Here’s a look at the major sports cities with multiple teams in existing American professional sports leagues, and when they won their last championship. In case you needed a reminder: The Eagles won their last one Sunday night.

Reigning champions

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles
MLB: Houston Astros
NBA: Golden State Warriors
NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins
MLS: Toronto FC

Longest championship drought, by sport

NFL: Arizona Cardinals 70 years
MLB: Cleveland Indians 69 years
NBA: Sacramento Kings 66 years
NHL: St. Louis Blues, Toronto Maple Leafs 49 years
MLS: New York Red Bulls, FC Dallas,

New England Revolution

22 years

To be fair, the list above may be a tad misleading.

It does show the longest drought in each sport. But other than the Blues and the three MLS clubs, all of those franchises have won championships before. The NBA has 11 franchises that have never won a title, but none have been around as long as the Kings. The NHL has 12 teams that have never won the Stanley Cup, including the Blues, but not counting the Vegas Knights who just started this season. None of the others have been around as long as Toronto has gone without a title.

And yet, Toronto has the most recent championship, outside of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl. Which they just did. On Sunday. Sure, fans in Toronto would much rather win a Stanley Cup than an MLS Cup, but a title is a title.

Here’s how cities around the continent have suffered compared to Philly.

Longest championship drought, by city (with multiple teams in current pro leagues)

City Most recent title Other franchises’ most recent title
Philadelphia 2017 – Eagles 2008 – Phillies, 1983 – Sixers, 1975 – Flyers. (No titles: Union 2010-present)
Toronto 2017 – Toronto FC 1993 – Blue Jays, 1967 – Maple Leafs. (No titles: Raptors 1995-present)
Houston 2017 – Astros 2007 – Dynamo, 1995 – Rockets. (No titles: Texans 2002-present)
Pittsburgh 2017 – Penguins 2008 – Steelers, 1979 – Pirates
San Francisco/Oakland 2017 – Warriors 2014 – Giants, 1994 – 49ers, 1983 – Raiders
Seattle 2016 – Sounders 2013 – Seahawks, 1979 – Sonics. (No title: Mariners 1977-present)
Boston 2016 – Patriots 2013 – Red Sox, 2011 – Bruins, 2008 – Celtics. (No title: Revolution 1996-present)
Chicago 2016 – Cubs 2015 – Blackhawks, 2005 – White Sox, 1998 – Bulls, 1998 – Fire, 1985 – Bears
Cleveland 2016 – Cavaliers 1948 – Indians, 1964 NFL Championship – Browns
Portland 2015 – Timbers 1977 – Trail Blazers
Kansas City 2015 – Royals 2013 – Sporting KC, 1969 – Chiefs. (No title: Kings [NBA] 1972-1986)
Denver 2015 – Broncos 2010 – Rapids, 2001 – Avalanche. (No titles: Nuggets 1967-present, Rockies 1993-present)
Los Angeles 2014 – Kings, Galaxy 2010 – Lakers, 1951 NFL Championship – Rams. (No titles: Clippers 1984-present, Chivas USA 2004-14, Chargers 2017-present)
Miami 2013 – Heat 2003 – Marlins, 1973 – Dolphins. (No titles: Panthers 1993 – present)
Baltimore 2012 – Ravens 1983 – Orioles. (No titles: Bullets 1963-73)
Dallas 2011 – Mavericks 1999 – Stars, 1995 – Cowboys. (No titles: Rangers 1972-present, FC Dallas 1996-present)
New York 2011 – Giants 2009 – Yankees, 1994 – Rangers, 1986 – Mets, 1983 – Islanders, 1973 – Knicks, 1968 – Jets. (No titles: NY Red Bulls 1996-present, NYCFC 2015-present)
St. Louis 2011 – Cardinals 1999 – Rams, 1958 – Hawks [NBA]. (No title: Blues 1967-present)
Milwaukee/Green Bay 2010 – Packers 1991 – Twins, 1971 – Bucks, 1957 – Braves [MLB]. (No titles: Timberwolves 1989-present)
New Orleans 2009 – Saints (No titles: Hornets/Pelicans 2002-present, Jazz 1974-79)
Salt Lake City 2009 – Real Salt Lake (No titles: Jazz 1980-present)
Detroit 2008 – Red Wings 2004 – Pistons, 1984 – Tigers, 1957 NFL Championship – Lions
Charlotte 2006 – Hurricanes (No titles: Panthers 1995-present, Hornets/Bobcats 1988-present)
Indianapolis 2006 – Colts 1973 ABA title – Pacers
Tampa 2004 – Lightning 2002 – Buccaneers. (No title: Rays 1998-present)
San Jose 2003 – Earthquakes (No title: Sharks 1991-present)
Phoenix 2001 – Diamondbacks (No titles: Cardinals 1988-present, Suns 1968-present, Coyotes 1996-present)
Atlanta 1995 – Braves 1958 – Hawks. (No titles: Falcons 1966-present, Atlanta United FC 2017-present)
Montreal 1993 – Canadiens (No title: Montreal Impact 2012-present)
Washington, D.C. 1991 – Redskins 2004 – DC United, 1978 – Bullets [NBA]. (No titles: Capitals 1974-present)
Cincinnati 1990 – Reds (No titles: Bengals 1968-present, Royals [NBA] 1957-72)
Minneapolis 1969 NFL Championship – Vikings 1954 – Lakers. (No titles: North Stars 1967-93, Wild 2000-present)
Buffalo 1965 AFL Championship – Bills (No titles: Sabres 1970-present, Braves [NBA] – 1970-78)
Nashville No titles (No titles: Titans 1997-present, Predators 1998-present)


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