Sorry, Eagles fans. The reigning Super Bowl champions aren’t repeating as Lombardi Trophy winners.

It just isn’t in the cards, per local tarot reader Jenna Matlin.

Asked about Philly’s fate with regard to next year’s Big Game, Matlin hedged her answer. Waving her nuanced and unbiased hands over a deck of cards during a recent sports-inspired session, she came up with a response that was partially positive.

“The Eagles will win the Super Bowl again…but I’m seeing another long dry spell,” Matlin said. She quickly added a plea to Birds faithful: “Don’t hate me Philly. I don’t want hate emails.”

Matlin, who runs Queen of Wands Tarot in Narberth, Pa., is an admitted non-sports fan. But she did offer some insights that dovetail with offseason chatter.

“They have to invest in their key players in order to keep the momentum going,” she said about the Eagles. “Otherwise, they are going to see a quick fall after a brief bright spot.”

Indeed, trade rumors are running rampant about the possible exit of backup quarterback Nick Foles, the Super Bowl LII MVP.

Altogether, Matlin drew five cards for the Eagles: The Four of Pentacles, The Knight of Cups, The Six of Swords, The Tower and The Ace of Wands. The Tower tends to represent “disaster” and “upheaval,” she said, and it’s that one she interpreted as “key players leaving for better money.”

Before you hit send on that hate mail, keep in mind tarot card readers aren’t actually in the business of prognostication. “You shouldn’t rely on it,” Matlin said. “I am not a fortune teller — and tarot is not the devil.”

Experts in the field survey probabilities, Matlin explained, similar to what the weatherman does on a nightly basis. They provide clients with the tools to better themselves, she said, recommending that even devotees should only get their cards read about once or twice a year.

A native of San Diego, CA, Matlin moved here in 2012, after a brief residence in Istanbul, Turkey. She’s been running the cozy new-age boutique in Narberth for six years, but has been practicing card reading since she was was 18.

“I didn’t find tarot. Tarot found me,” she said.

Matlin compares herself to the Ghost of Christmas Future from the popular Scrooge fable, or a life coach of sorts. She holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a master’s in organizational psychology and executive coaching. She is also fluent in Chinese.

“I show people how to be the best person they can be right now, so they can change and better themselves for the future,” she explained. “I can’t predict that in 10 years you are going to have a poodle named Mark.”

Of course, there are exceptions. Matlin recalled an instance where she told a regular client to be prepared about possibly getting fired from her job. Two weeks later, it happened.

And, in a pre-Super Bowl card reading on Jan. 30, she picked up on “good energy in the universe” and wrote the following in her newsletter: “Spoiler alert: My cards are calling for the Eagles.”

With positive karma in mind, we asked Matlin to read cards for Philly’s other teams. Here’s the city’s near future in sports, as laid out by Matlin’s clairvoyant hands:


  • Strength: inner strength and confidence
  • Death: transition and drastic change
  • Knight of Cups: needs stimulation and constant attention
  • The Empress: harmony and creativity
  • Two of Swords: lacking direction, afraid to make difficult decisions

Matlin’s analysis: The Sixers will not win a title this year, or even go to the NBA Finals. They have a personnel issue — not the head coach, but an important person in a supportive role — that is causing a problem and must be dealt with. Once they fix it, the team will be headed in the right direction.

Our analysis: The team’s mishandling of injured first-round pick Markelle Fultz gets someone fired, maybe GM Bryan Colangelo or Head Athletic Trainer Kevin Johnson. Fultz has yet to play a game and is reportedly dealing with a scapular muscle imbalance. His jumper has looked problematic since October.

Extra, extra: We asked Matlin to draw cards on the probability of the Sixers acquiring LeBron James, a rumor that is gaining more steam every day. “The probability is yes. He has a strong desire to come to Philly, but he will be slow to arrive here due to money.”


  • Knight of Cups: messenger with good news
  • The Tower: change and upheaval
  • Six of Swords: necessary rite of passage
  • Ace of Wands: take action!
  • Four of Pentacles: possessiveness and greed

Matlin’s analysis: I don’t see a streak with them. Yes, they will win the Super Bowl again…but they will have to endure another long dry spell. I keep seeing key players, specifically Nick Foles, leaving because the team might not price competitively. They aren’t going to offer enough money.

Our analysis: Nick Foles is under contract, so the only way he leaves is with a trade. Same for Alshon Jeffery and Jason Kelce and Zach Ertz. No problem there. Brandon Graham and LaGarrette Blount are already crying for contract extensions — and Nigel Bradham needs a deal or the dreaded franchise tag.


  • Three of Swords: sorrow and heartbreak
  • Nine of Swords: speaks to ill health
  • High Priestess: wisdom and serenity
  • The Knight of Swords: life and energy
  • The Hermit: solitude and isolation

Matlin’s analysis: The Flyers aren’t going to win anything any time soon. If they do win, it’s based on a technicality and it’s not an honest win. For example, maybe another team is disqualified.

Our analysis: The recent injuries to goaltenders Brian Elliott and Michal Neuvirth, along with winger Wayne Simmonds, may have sealed their fate and another early-round playoff exit.


  • Ten of Pentacles: accomplishment and comfort
  • The Devil: addiction and disruption
  • The Fool: insecurity and newness
  • Ten of Cups: happiness and joy
  • The Hanged Man: transition and letting go

Matlin’s analysis: This is the best reading of all four teams. The Phillies should go far this season, not all the way to the World Series, but pretty far. They have a new person, perhaps a rookie, that doesn’t live up to expectations. The team loves this guy a lot, and they play well with him, but he can be disruptive.

Our analysis: The disruptive force could either be new first baseman Carlos Santana or rookie manager Gabe Kapler. Santana’s pregame rituals and dance moves were legendary in Cleveland, and the super-intense Kapler is a Zen-obsessed gym rat who is already shaking things up with his rigorous workout regimens and bizarre uses of coconut oil. Does he push the guys too far?