Plan is for the mural to be complete by the Eagles first game on Sept. 6

The Eagles Super Bowl victory parade will go down as one of the most memorable events Broad Street has ever hosted, and starting next week, fans will be able to relive the occasion thanks to a new mural.

Created by muralist Meg Saligman, it’s based on her wall painting that went viral last winter — the one with a bald eagle gripping Tom Brady in its talons.

A permanent, larger version is being painted right now on the side of the Hale Building at 1326 Chestnut St.

It’s on the Sansom street edge of the historic building, which is currently being renovated by Brickstone Realty. On that side of the street, the west facade pokes up over its next-door neighbor, so the mural will be visible when you walk down Broad. (It also happens to be right over the giant construction hole left by the recent Center City water main break.)

When finished, the image will show the giant bird soaring toward City Hall trailing a huge flag of the Eagles logo. Turns out the team has “officially adopted” the mural, per Saligman

“I think it is cool ’cause the Eagles are reaching right to their grass roots fans,” Saligman told Billy Penn. “It’s great spirit for them to take the time to see this come to life!

The team even found a sponsor for the project, she added: Axalta. The Philly-based coatings company provides the paint for the goal posts at the Linc, and is donating the paint for this mural — including a specially formulated tone that matches official Eagles hunter green.

Unlike the original image, the permanent version of the mural not include Tom Brady (“Why would you immortalize the opponent?”).

Credit: Danya Henninger / Billy Penn

Instead, Saligman replaced him in the big bird’s claws with a gleaming Lombardi Trophy. Next to the graphic will be the words “WORLD CHAMPIONS,” and further down the wall will be bricks marked with small names memorializing people with a deep connection to the team who didn’t live to see their championship dreams come true.

The whole thing, which is titled “Bringing It Home” and will cover 2,500 square feet, will be painted to look like an antique sign — as if it had been there for ages.

There are also plans to install a spotlight. “It’ll look like Philly’s version of the Batman symbol with the eagle swooping in to save the day!” Saligman said.

Several factors made Juniper and Sansom the winning spot for the mural, she said, including the owners of the Hale Building being willing to donate the wall space. Also, 13th Street is already full of mural so “this is a perfect offshoot,” plus the area is surrounded by lots of sports bars.

Saligman’s crews are currently working overnight to finish in time for the Sept. 6 NFL season kickoff. A mural dedication ceremony will be announced soon.

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