Is Philly still feeling the Bern? The owner of these cat undies sure isn’t

“The panties were purchased as a democratic socialist dream that was never realized.”

Facebook / Maddie Rose

Bernie Sanders’ name splashed into Pennsylvania news this week when the presidential candidate pledged his support for striking union workers at a railroad equipment plant in Erie.

How are Philly voters — who mobilized in large numbers for the Vermont senator during the last primary election — feeling about his 2020 run? One early taste of the zeitgeist comes via a local Facebook yardsale group.

In the online listings, one pair of royal blue velvet, lace-edged, high-waisted undergarments is available for purchase — but it’s been downgraded from its original price tag. Now the owner just wants to give them away for free.

“I don’t think [Sanders] deserves to be immortalized among velvet and lace on my hot bod anymore,” said seller Maddie Rose, an organizer with the Philly Socialists.

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 2.21.05 PM

The undies, originally sold by a Utah-based feminist online store, were given to Rose by a former partner some time around the 2016 election. Emblazoned with a strategically-placed image of a demure Sanders petting a cat, the garment holds sentimental value: “They are to this date the most expensive piece of lingerie I own, and the only piece I have received as a gift.”

But as much emotional attachment as Rose has to these peculiar granny panties, they’re on the chopping block for political reasons.

“The panties were purchased as a democratic socialist dream that was never realized,” Rose said, noting they’ve outgrown Sanders both “politically and spiritually.”

That may be true for many former supporters. Though the presidential primary is still far off, right now political observers don’t give Sanders high chances of scoring the nomination in Pennsylvania. Per Inquirer columnist John Baer, reasons voters aren’t feeling it this time run the gamut: his views aren’t “middle of the road”; he isn’t a woman; he isn’t younger than 52; etc.

Why did Rose’s Bern cool down? Specifically because the senator from Vermont voted for FOSTA-SESTA in 2018. Opponents of the so-called “anti-sex trafficking bill” have argued will only cause an uptick of violence against sex workers instead of protecting them.

While the Facebook yardsale post gained several likes and comments from interested buyers, nobody was willing to shell out the original price tag put on the used undergarments — so now they’re being sold for free.

“I got 100 comments and people sliding in my DMs, but no $20. I genuinely just wanted $20 for sushi. Please, someone, take me out to sushi,” they said.

Meanwhile, If anyone has Angela Davis panties they want to trade with Rose, they told Billy Penn, please send a message.


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