Dancing mail boxes were present at a rally in Philadelphia demanding the count of every vote

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No one who lives here needed another reason to understand that Philadelphia is the best and most important city in the world. But we got one.

On Friday morning, after an election that lasted weeks and likely shaved years off our lives, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania, pushed over the top by mail ballots in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.

“I’m proud to say that Philly showed up,” Mayor Jim Kenney said Friday from the city’s vote-counting operation at the Pa. Convention Center.

Securing the state’s electoral votes would put Biden over the required 270 needed to land the former VP as the 46th leader of the free world. Incumbent President Donald Trump continues to threaten legal action to dispute results across the nation, with a focus on Philly — though a federal court just tossed his campaign’s latest attempt.

So basically, Philadelphia is at the center of this everlasting election, ending what we’ve come to understand as the millionth hardship of 2020. Unsurprisingly, Philly Twitter has risen to the challenge of commemorating this important historic moment.

Consider this your time capsule from this historic election.

We were having fun voting before Election Day

…and counting ballots after

Cue that Allen Iverson attitude

Gritty traveled back in time


Speaking of furry mascots, Philly Elmo showed up

Other costumes came out

After threats against our city…

…The world learned not to mess with us

Hopefully for once and for all


National reporters learned about lanternflies


Cue the hyperlocal neighborhood memes

We imbibed, as we do

And obviously by the end of the week we had it all set to the Action News theme


Which will probably become the new National Anthem

But we’ve got a few options

Eagles and Gritty, we have both

Aka the most high-level game of savesies yet


So anyway now you can just call the entire country Philly

It was always destined to be so

We gotchu, America

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