Download the Super Bowl LVII bingo boards to play during the game (Billy Penn illustration)

When the Eagles take the field for Super Bowl LVII, a few things are certain: 

  1. Almost all screens in the region will be tuned to the game
  2. The poles on Broad Street will slick with grease 
  3. There will be a ton of Philebrities in the stands
  4. TV coverage will be littered with Philadelphia cliches 

If you need something to take the edge off the tension, want a reminder of how the rest of the nation sees the city, or are just trying to pass the time till Rihanna performs, we’ve got two bingo games for you. 

No. 1 will let you keep track of the predictable references likely to be shoehorned into the Fox Sports broadcast. Cross each one off as you hear it talked about or see it on screen. When you get a full line of adjacent squares, shout it out, loud and proud. 

No. 2 is all about the stars who call Philadelphia home, even if they don’t live anywhere nearby anymore. If their mug flashes by on camera or are spotlighted by the announcers — or they show up in a commercial — mark it down in the appropriate box, and try to complete the columns and rows.  

Print out a PDF version at the links below and play against your friends, or download the image (or screenshot) and mark up the board on your phone to share for social media bragging rights. 

May the best bingo player win, and above all: Go Birds.

Download PDF for print  •  Download image file

Download PDF for print  •  Download image file

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