Turkey Hill is bringing back a Phillies fan favorite: Graham Slam ice cream. (Turkey Hill; Hayden Mittman for Billy Penn)

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Was it the World Series appearance? Whatever the reason, there’s good news, ice-cream-loving Phillies fans: It’s back. 

That’s right. The long-requested return of Turkey Hill’s “Graham Slam” is upon us, just in time for the start of baseball season.

The beloved variety — a graham-flavored base with chocolate marshmallow cups and graham cracker swirl — will be shipped to stores starting today, per a Tuesday press release from the company. Retailers carrying the flavor include Acme, Giant, ShopRite, and some Walmarts.

Fans can probably expect it to actually hit shelves starting in April, a Turkey Hill spokesperson told Billy Penn. After that, it’ll be available “for a limited time this spring and summer.”

Graham Slam originally debuted in 2004 as a partnership between the Lancaster County-based dairy company and the Phillies. It dropped the team affiliation and adopted more generic baseball branding in 2015, though that didn’t stop Phils fans from going nuts for it.

But it disappeared from grocery stores sometime around 2017, and ended up being sold only at scoop shops and Citizens Bank Park thereafter. On Twitter, Turkey Hill attributed the discontinuation to a “lack of sales.”

Fans have been campaigning for the return of the flavor ever since.

The company received “almost daily requests” for Graham Slam, Turkey Hill frozen marketing director Brittany Smith said in the press release. The company wrote on its Instagram page that it’s “Turkey Hill’s most requested flavor of all time.”

“Everyone loves a good comeback, especially when it involves ice cream,” Smith said. “What better way to celebrate your favorite baseball team’s wins this season than with Graham Slam!”

The company teased the comeback on Instagram yesterday, posting a graphic that said simply “Fans have spoken,” next to an image of a baseball. 

Graham Slam lovers knew exactly what that meant and left over 1,800 likes and 130 comments on the post — way more than any of the company’s other posts this year. 

People went wild in the comment section (many capital letters were used), writing things like “NO WAYYYYY,” “SCREAMING CRYING THROWING UP,” and “THE PHILS ARE WINNING IT ALL.”

“This is the greatest day of my life,” one commenter said. Another wrote, “God is real, [trea] turner mvp incoming.”

To celebrate the long-anticipated comeback, Turkey Hill is running a trivia-based sweepstakes on its website. Those who correctly answer four trivia questions about baseball and the dairy company will be entered in a drawing to win four tubs of Graham Slam shipped in a reusable cooler bag.

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