Boardwalk Gritty singin' in the rain, for the calendar. (@GrittyNHL)

He’s been called “an internet sensation,” “terrifying nightmare fuel,” a “ghastly empty-eyed Muppet with a Delco beard,” and “an acid trip of a mascot.”

Now the 7-foot, googly-eyed orange creature can add another descriptor: “pin-up model.”

Yep, Gritty is making a wall calendar.

It’s something the beloved mascot, who made his debut in 2018, has been “trying to squeak into existence for years,” Gritty told Billy Penn via a statement provided by Flyers spokesperson Meghan Flanagan.

“The calendar market is oversaturated with sexy firefighters or cute furry animals,” Gritty said. “This calendar will cover all the bases… cute, furry, and sexy.”

Proceeds from sales of the 2024 calendar are set to benefit Flyers Charities, the team’s charitable arm, where goals include promoting inclusivity in hockey and environmental responsibility, as well as supporting Philly-area families affected by cancer.

Creating a Gritty calendar has been “in the works” for a long time, but capturing the images for it just started a few weeks ago.

Photo-video company Pel Productions has taken on the task of capturing the local legend in all his glory, in a variety of seasonal settings.

Behind-the-scenes photos and video footage posted to social media show Gritty dressed as Cupid (February?), a leprechaun with a pot o’ gold (March?), and Santa, surrounded by presents and snowballs (gotta be December).

There are also shots of him wearing a raincoat, posing as a sunflower, wearing a backpack and helmet, and throwing food across a banquet table while wearing a turkey on his head. Gritty stands at the edge of a field with a group of children and waves in one clip, and in another, he hugs a champagne bottle while standing in a shower of confetti.

People who register for October’s Gritty 5K, an annual charity walk/run in FDR Park, can pre-order the calendar, according to Flanagan. No news yet on how you can get your hands on one if you’re not a 5K participant.

Asha Prihar is a general assignment reporter at Billy Penn. She has previously written for several daily newspapers across the Midwest, and she covered Pennsylvania state government and politics for The...