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Welcome to Round 4 of Billy Penn‘s pseudoscientific, made-up, but otherwise utterly reliable bracket-tournament-style contest crowning The Most Philly Thing Ever. We picked the most Philly things we could think of in four categories: the most Philly person, the most Philly food and drink, the most Philly thing from the outside and the most Philly pastime. You voted in Round 1Round 2 and Round 3— now the stakes are higher, and the competition is stiffer. Only two more rounds to go.

We picked two competitors in each sub-category, and then seeded them. We’re now down to just two things left in each category. Welcome to the Final 4, people. (Disagree with our seeding and selections? Send your angry tweets to @billy_penn; we may or may not argue back.)

As the Democratic union machine says, vote early and vote often.

Your Final Four:


In one corner, you’ve got the champion of the Most Philly Person category: Ben Franklin. This founding father hails from one of the toughest competitions, but reigned supreme in the last round over our beloved Philadelphian Billy Penn. But he’s up against a tough one: Coming from the most Philly Food group is the cheesesteak. We probably could have guessed this intense matchup from the beginning. So what will you choose? A man who contributed to the freedom of ‘Merica? Or the freedom to choose whether your want your sandwich wit whiz or not?

For your consideration:

YouTube video

Annnnnd one more time:

Ben Franklin

That is all.

WINNER: Ben Franklin

For the second matchup:

Needless to say based on our seeding, we were a bit more surprised by this kinda odd matchup of Philly’s most famous market up against its most famous really-very-bizarre-if-you-think-about-it parade. So what’s more Philly? A DiNic’s sandwich and a 4th Street Cookie? Or a bunch of drunk dudes dressed weird strutting down Broad Street?

Also important to consider: That time there was such thing as an opera flash mob in Reading Terminal and everyone was like wtf.

YouTube video

And then there’s this sad Mummer, who has just had it:

YouTube video

WINNER: The Reading Terminal Market

A recap of the competition:

Most Philly person:

Best Founding Father: Ben Franklin and William (Billy) Penn

Chef’s Empire: Jose Garces and Stephen Starr

Most Hollywood: Will Smith and M. Night Shyamalan

Most Political: Chris Matthews and Ed Rendell

Most Philly food or drink:

Most Philly Snack: TaskyKake and Soft Pretzel

Most Philly Sugary Sweet: Peanut Chews and Water Ice

Most Philly Beer: Yards Brawler and Kenzinger

Sammich-off: Cheesesteak and Roast Pork

Most Philly thing from the outside:

-Adelphia pun: Filthadelphia and Killadelphia

Most Philly cliche (that’s really true): Rocky’s town and Awful sports fans

Most musical representation: “Summertime” and Motown Philly

Most Philly establishment: Wawa and Reading Terminal Market

Most Philly pastime or activity:

Best Baseball Team: Taney Dragons and Philadelphia Phillies

Best Basketball Team: Temple U. and Philadelphia 76ers

Best Drunken Party: Mummer’s Parade and Fat Tuesday on South Street

Best Parking Practice: Center lane parking and Saving parking spots

Anna Orso was a reporter/curator at Billy Penn from 2014 to 2017.