If the Tarheels somehow manage to beat 'Nova in the tournament, we owe our counterparts in Charlotte a case of pretzels.

There are plenty of Philly foods worth exporting, but none that travel as easily as the soft pretzel.

See, while cheesesteaks grab the headlines, they just don’t ship. And nor should they — they’re best eaten within minutes of cooking. So, as the Villanova Wildcats look to defeat the North Carolina Tar Heels in Monday night’s National Championship game, they are the perfect food to send South if the Heels win. We’re betting a case of Philly pretzels on the Villanova Wildcats winning.

Our wager is with the Charlotte Agenda — like us, they’re a mobile-focused news site. Their bet? A case of Cheerwine, which — despite its name — is non-alcoholic. It’s apparently some kind of soda? We’ll see. We’re sure we’ll be drinking it! And the Agenda can be our sugary drink hookup if the soda tax passes. (Look, we’d rather have North Carolina barbecue. But that travels about as well as a cheesesteak, leading us back to the not-as-perishable form of edibles.)

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The bet is on — one case of soft pretzels vs. one case of Cheerwine.

And may the best team (clearly, the Wildcats) win.

Chris Krewson is the executive director of LION Publishers, a national nonprofit association that serves local journalism entrepreneurs build sustainable news organizations, and the founding editor of...