Youth Movement: Philly’s 175 pro athletes, ranked by age

The average age of Philly athletes is 26. We take a look at the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, Flyers and Union, from oldest to youngest.

Zach Eflin, Ivan Provorov, Ben Simmons, Carson Wentz and Eric Ayuk

Zach Eflin, Ivan Provorov, Ben Simmons, Carson Wentz and Eric Ayuk

USA Today Sports/Billy Penn Illustration

Philadelphia professional sports is in the midst of a youth movement. The Eagles starting quarterback is a rookie. The future success of the Sixers — and Philly basketball — is in the hands of rookies. (This guy…a rookie.)

The Phillies have jettisoned most of their aged players, with Ryan Howard next, in an effort to make the team younger, cheaper and hopefully better.

The Union have three players on their full club squad under the age of 20.

The Flyers, who start the season Friday night in Los Angeles, have gotten younger as well, promoting two 19-year-old soon-to-be stars in Ivan Provorov and Travis Konecny. The future is decidedly now.

There are as many teenagers on professional rosters in Philadelphia (5) as there are athletes over the age of 35.

And yet, the youth movement in Philly may not be quite as pronounced as the headline suggests. People may think the Eagles are in the midst of a youth movement because of Carson Wentz and a host of younger skill-position players, but as Jimmy Kempski of the Philly Voice noted back in September, the Eagles actually have the fifth oldest roster in the NFL. That list was published the day of the Sam Bradford trade, and with a few other moves since then, the average age of the Eagles has gone from 26.49, per Kempski, to 26.45, per our calculations of the active roster and injured reserve.

The Phillies are getting younger, but they weren’t all that young at season’s end. With eight players on the 40-man roster 30 years old or older, including Howard, the Phillies full roster finished 2016 with an average age of 26.86. The Flyers and Union have the youngest players in town, a notable thing given how young the Sixers are as a group, but both have aging players as well, as evidenced by their average age falling north of 26 years old.

Mark Streit is the oldeAt 38, st athlete in Philadelphia

At 38, Mark Streit is the oldest athlete in Philadelphia.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

All told, we looked at the 175 professional athletes across the five Philly professional teams, including 56 for the Eagles, 44 for the Phillies, 29 for the Union, 26 for the Flyers and 20 for the Sixers.

These numbers will change, obviously, as the calendars rolls. (Happy Birthday to Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff, btw.) The data will change as players move in and out of town as well. The current Sixers roster, for example, lists 20 players, but as the season nears that list will chop down, though based on roster prognostications the average age of the team will move mere percentage points.

Average age per team

The average age of the current Philly pro athlete is 26 years old.

We tracked and ranked every player by year, month and day, but the averages are pulled from their current age divided by the number of players. That threshold admittedly skews the data slightly, given a player whose birthday is tomorrow would change the average age by roughly one-tenth of a year after he blows out the candles. That said, an average age assumes every birthday falls in the middle of a given year, thus the number tends to balance out depending on when in the year the data is run.

Caveats included, four of the five pro teams have an average age that falls within the 26th year. Only the Sixers skew younger, as their roster averages out to just over 24 years old.

Average Age of Philly Athletes: 26.29
Average Age of Eagles: 26.45
Average Age of Phillies: 26.86
Average Age of Sixers: 24.2
Average Age of Flyers: 26.85
Average Age of Union: 26.03
Auston Trusty was signed as a Homegrown Player in August, making him the youngest pro athlete in Philly.

Auston Trusty was signed as a Homegrown Player in August, making him the youngest pro athlete in Philly.

Philadelphia Union

Mean, Media and Mode

With the average age around 26 years old for all Philly athletes, it’s interesting to note how that number splits across the decades.

There are just three Philly athletes born in the 1970s: Flyers assistant captain Mark Steit (1977), Elton Brand of the Sixers (1979) and Howard (1979). There are 74 players born in the 1980s. Of the 175 players listed, 98 were born in the 1990s. How old do you feel now? (You’re welcome. Or sorry.)

Athletes born in the 70s: 3
Athletes born in the 80s: 74
Athletes born in the 90s: 98

The oldest Eagle is punter Donnie Jones, born in July, 1980, just two weeks before long-snapping magician Jon Dorenbos was born. Brian Carroll is the oldest player on the Union, born in July, 1981, making him the seventh-oldest Philly pro athlete. Phillies backstop A.J. Ellis ranks sixth.

Of those 175 players, 20 guys are currently 26 years old. That number will become 21 the day before Halloween when Patrick Schuster — a member of the Phillies’ 40-man roster — makes a wish and opens his gifts. That’s a lot, but it’s not the most celebrated age.

There are 21 players in Philly currently 23 years old, a number that will grow this week, as Sixers big man Richaun Holmes turns 23 on October 15th and injured Eagle Alex McCalister turns 23 two days later.

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid


All told there are 63 pro athletes in Philly currently under the age of 25 to just 25 who are 30 years old or older.

Under 25 No. % of Roster
Eagles 19 34
Phillies 12 27
Sixers 13 65
Flyers 8 31
Union 11 38
30-plus No. % of Roster
Eagles 8 14
Phillies 8 18
Sixers 1 5
Flyers 4 15
Union 4 14

It’s amazing to think of just how young the Sixers are when 65 percent of the roster is under the age of 25. Now, again, that number is skewed by the fact that three of the four players unlikely to make the roster are 23 or younger, but eliminating them would still mean that 10 of the 16 remaining players — 62.5 percent — are under the age of 25.

The future is bright in Philly. And young. Here is a current look at how young.

Current Philadelphia Athletes by Age

The current 175 Philly athletes on the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, Sixers and Union, listed by age.
Mark Streit (A)Flyers1211197738
Elton BrandSixers311197937
Ryan HowardPhillies1119197936
Donnie JonesEagles75198036
Jon DorenbosEagles721198036
A.J. EllisPhillies49198135
Brian CarrollUnion720198135
Jason PetersEagles122198234
Nick SchultzFlyers825198234
Darren SprolesEagles620198333
Boyd GordonFlyers1019198332
Charlie MortonPhillies1112198332
Andres BlancoPhillies411198432
Frank HerrmannPhillies530198432
Allen BarbreEagles622198432
Stephen TullochEagles11198531
Emmanuel BurrissPhillies117198531
Brent CelekEagles125198531
Pierre-Edouard BellemareFlyers36198531
Fabio FabinhoUnion316198531
David HernandezPhillies513198531
Tranquillo BarnettaUnion522198531
Leodis McKelvinEagles91198531
Matt HarrisonPhillies916198531
Dalier HinojosaPhillies210198630
Maurice EduUnion418198630
Matt JonesUnion511198630
Sergio RodriguezSixers612198630
Matt ReadFlyers614198630
Charlie DaviesUnion625198630
Darin RufPhillies728198630
Andrew MacDonaldFlyers97198630
Chase DanielEagles107198630
Connor BarwinEagles1015198630
Chris MaragosEagles16198729
Nolan CarrollEagles118198729
Kratz, KevinUnion121198729
Luis GarciaPhillies130198729
Chris VandeVeldeFlyers315198729
Peter BourjosPhillies331198729
Jeremy HellicksonPhillies48198729
Alejandro BedoyaUnion429198729
Bryan BramanEagles54198729
Chris PontiusUnion512198729
Ryan MathewsEagles1010198729
Jason KelceEagles115198728
Gerald HendersonSixers129198728
Malcolm JenkinsEagles1220198728
Claude Giroux (C)Flyers112198828
Jeanmar GomezPhillies210198828
Michal NeuvirthFlyers323198828
Brandon GrahamEagles43198828
Steve MasonFlyers529198828
Walter RestrepoUnion621198828
Vinny CurryEagles630198828
Dale WeiseFlyers85198828
Jerryd BaylessSixers820198828
Wayne Simmonds (A)Flyers826198828
Cameron RuppPhillies928198827
Ron BrooksEagles1016198827
Michael MariotPhillies1020198827
Jimmy ParedesPhillies1125198827
Michael RafflFlyers121198827
C.J. SapongUnion1227198827
Stefen WisniewskiEagles322198927
Kenjon BarnerEagles428198927
Phil KleinPhillies430198927
David BuchananPhillies511198927
Hector NerisPhillies614198927
Jakub VoracekFlyers815198927
Brandon BrooksEagles819198927
Nigel BradhamEagles94198927
Caleb SturgisEagles99198927
Anderson ConceiçãoUnion1024198926
Freddy GalvisPhillies1114198926
Bennie LoganEagles1228198926
Raymon GaddisUnion113199026
Adam MorganPhillies227199026
Colton MurrayPhillies422199026
Lane JohnsonEagles58199026
Cesar HernandezPhillies523199026
Najee GoodeEagles64199026
Brandon ManningFlyers64199026
Matt TobinEagles65199026
Radko GudasFlyers65199026
Rodney McLeodEagles623199026
Michael Del ZottoFlyers624199026
Cody AschePhillies630199026
Jerad EickhoffPhillies72199026
Roland AlbergUnion86199026
Warren CreavalleUnion814199026
Steven MeansEagles916199026
Mychal KendricksEagles928199026
Patrick SchusterPhillies1030199025
Zach ErtzEagles1110199025
Andre BlakeUnion1121199025
Fletcher CoxEagles1213199025
Robert CovingtonSixers1214199025
Aaron AltherrPhillies114199125
Terrence BrooksEagles32199125
Hollis ThompsonSixers43199125
Brandon PaulSixers430199125
Josh AndrewsEagles621199125
Elvis AraujoPhillies715199125
Tommy JosephPhillies716199125
Brayden SchennFlyers822199125
Ken TribbettUnion825199125
Alec AsherPhillies104199125
Josh HuffEagles1014199125
Jimmy CorderoPhillies1019199125
Trey BurtonEagles1029199125
Joely RodriguezPhillies1114199124
Beau AllenEagles1114199124
Leo FernandesUnion1223199124
Odubel HerreraPhillies1229199124
Roman LyubimovFlyers16199224
Marcus SmithEagles331199224
Jordan WealFlyers415199224
T.J. McConnellSixers425199224
Richie MarquezUnion526199224
Vince VelasquezPhillies67199224
Jordan HicksEagles627199224
John McCarthyUnion74199224
Jordan MatthewsEagles716199224
Maikel FrancoPhillies826199224
Dillon GordonEagles92199224
Severino GonzalezPhillies928199224
Tyler GoeddelPhillies1020199223
Jaylen WatkinsEagles1127199223
Sean CouturierFlyers127199223
Joe WalkerEagles1211199223
Edubray RamosPhillies1219199223
Carson WentzEagles1230199223
Shawn LongSixers129199323
Cole MissimoUnion215199323
Dorial Green-BeckhamEagles412199323
Shayne GostisbehereFlyers420199323
C.J. SmithEagles510199323
Roman QuinnPhillies514199323
Nelson AgholorEagles524199323
Aaron NolaPhillies64199323
Jorge AlfaroPhillies611199323
Halapoulivaati VaitaiEagles616199323
Nick CousinsFlyers720199323
Taylor WashingtonUnion816199323
Fabian HerbersUnion817199323
James WebbSixers819199323
Nik StauskasSixers107199323
Richaun HolmesSixers1015199322
Alex McCalisterEagles1017199322
Isaac SeumaloEagles1029199322
Keegan RosenberryUnion1211199322
Destiny VaeaoEagles115199422
Joshua YaroUnion117199422
Wendell SmallwoodEagles129199422
Jake ThompsonPhillies131199422
Jerami GrantSixers312199422
Joel EmbiidSixers316199422
Jalen MillsEagles46199422
Dario SaricSixers48199422
Zach EflinPhillies48199422
Nerlens NoelSixers410199422
Bryce TreggsEagles430199422
Kamu Grugier-HillEagles516199422
Scott LaughtonFlyers530199422
Cat BarberSixers725199422
Timothe Luwawu-CabarrotSixers59199521
Jahlil OkaforSixers1215199520
Ben SimmonsSixers720199620
Ivan ProvorovFlyers113199719
Eric AyukUnion217199719
Derrick JonesUnion33199719
Travis KonecnyFlyers311199719
Auston TrustyUnion812199818

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